By Onyinyechi Kanu

“Chief Aloy Igwe’s philanthropic disposition is not limited to his community. A number of times, I have accompanied him on visits to less privileged homes, retired priests and sick priests’ homes where his milk of human kindness flowed.

“Since I came to this parish in 2016, Chief Aloy Igwe (Chinaemeze of Owerrebeiri) and his family have on yearly basis put smiles on the faces of the indigent and less privileged in the community by donating food items and cash gifts to make the Christmas and New Year celebrations  joyous and memorable. Despite the prevailing hardship in the society, he has still squeezed out something to make them happy.”

The Parish Priest of St. Martis Catholic Church, Owerrebeiri, Rev Fr. Abel Ezenwa stated this while presiding over the distribution of food and other items donated to the community by Chief Aloy Igwe Chinaemeze of Owerrebeiri , as gifts for the Christmas and new year celebrations.

Rev Fr. Ezenwa, further said, “That we enjoy good water supply at St Martis Catholic Church, today, is courtesy of Chief Aloy Igwe and his family who also built and donated modern toilet facilities to the church.

“Though he is not the richest person in the community, he has been so helpful to the community and the church.”

He thanked him and prayed that God continues to bless and sustain him.

The Assistant Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Leonarth Ibeachusim, described Chief Aloy Igwe “as a person who eats and does not forget the poor around him. A person who hates to see those around him suffering without coming to their aid. Each time we call on him for assistance, he obliges us.”

He recalled a time when they needed a tabernacle in the chapel; “Chief Aloy Igwe promptly bought and installed a tabernacle in the chapel. He is indeed a man who takes delight in touching lives.” He prayed that God continues to bless him and his family abundantly.

Chief Igwe’s Secretary, Barr Joy, who represented him at the occasion, thanked them on his Principal’s behalf for honouring the invitation. He urged them to keep the faith and always trust in God who has a way of answering their prayers through their sons. He urged them to pray that God sees him through in all his positive endeavours and promised to do more for them, God Willing.

Some of the beneficiaries, including Leticia Nweke and Geogeline Amajekwu who spoke on behalf of others expressed their immense gratitude of Chief Aloy Igwe for what he has consistently done for the community and beyond. “If we have more people’s welfare would be positively turned around.”