Information emerging from Isiala Mbano is the call for a genuine representation in the Imo State House of Assembly in the next general elections.

All fingers and voices tend to lend to Engineer Francis Njoku who contested fiercely during the last elections. Though he missed the opportunity,  he later served as Special Adviser  to the former Speaker and current Isiala Mbano House of Assembly representative, Rt. Hon. Chiji Collins.

As the need for a more energetic and youthful representation is needed to ensure true representation and attract dividends of legislative representation,  women are beckoning on Engineer Francis Njoku to be the one who will represent Isiala Mbano state constituency. 

According to women,  Engineer Francis possesses the true qualities of a leader and has demonstrated even without occupying legislative office that he cares about the welfare of women and children.  They are therefore convinced that once he is elected, Isiala Mbano will never be the same.

Another woman was said to have reminded the people of the many interventions of Engineer Francis Njoku during hard times and that everyone should make a wise choice to get their PVC and prepare for a transformative era in the politics of Isiala Mbano. 

Reacting to the demand of the women,  Njoku stated that he has deep respect for women who are our mothers and appreciates their prayers and words of encouragement.  The non gender biased leader stated that if the women are behind someone,  then God is behind the person.  He thanked them for their thoughts and desires and assured them that it will not be in vain.

Engineer Francis said ” Our mothers have spoken,  we know their pains,  they want progress for our children,  they want dividends of democracy and if they have such great confidence in me, who am I not to align with their desires “.