Lady Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba receiving nomination form from Imo PDP organizing secretary.

Dimgba To Parties:Cede Some Legislative Seats To Women,Picks Nomination Form

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An activist, Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba , has urged political parties in Nigeria to cede a reasonable number of seats in both state and national Assemblies to women.

Dimgba said that the allocation would encourage more women to take active parts in politics and break the bias of men’s dominance in politics.
She spoke on Wednesday in Owerri, the Imo state capital, after purchasing her nomination and expression of interest forms of Peoples Democratic Party for Ezinihitte Mbaise state Constituency election.

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Dimgba, said that the bias against women in politics would drastically reduce if political parties see the importance of ceding a reasonable number of seats in parliaments to women.
On her aspiration, Dimgba said that she would run a consultative representation if she gets elected in 2023.

She said “the issue of women’s representation in politics cannot be conquered while we sit in our homes, or protest only on social media. The work is in your grassroots mobilization.
“I still need your help. If you have ever believed in this cause, or me.The time is now.

“I know the economic downturn is biting everyone. The first thing I want to do is take into cognizance the economic empowerment of my people.The reality before us is glaring; the economic downturn, the effect of covid 19,  Insecurity, high inflation etc.

“As an intending representative, I consider myself fitting, given my experience in fiscal management and exposure to humanitarian advocacy, to draw the attention of Government, civil society, intervention agencies, and other relevant organisations to the plight of my constituent, especially youth who are without jobs and women.

“I desire to develop Ezinihitte and demonstrate that governance can work.We don’t need to be told that this time and season will require more pragmatic leadership.

“The House of Assembly of 2023 will not be maintaining the same status quo that has bedevilled us. We will be faced with new challenges and must find fresh perspectives for improved and consultative representation.”


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