Elected representatives of the people at all levels have been called upon to explain to the electorate the roles they played individually and collectively towards addressing the alarming insecurity and other challenges that have culminated in the inestimable loss of lives, destruction of property and the dislocation of socio-economic activities, thereby unleashing sorrow, hunger, pain, lack and deprivation on the electorate whose mandate they exercise and whose interests they sworn  to protect if elected.

The chairman, Imo State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and former two term National President of Orlurumee Youth Assembly, Comrade Precious Nwadike stated this while addressing a group of Orlu Students who paid him a courtesy call in his office at Owerri.

Comrade Nwadike, a renowned human rights activist said, “it is uncharitable and deceptive for any elected lawmaker in Orlu local government area and Orlu zone at large to contemplate seeking re-election without first explaining to the people whose mandate he or she holds in trust the role he has played and the extent he has gone towards curbing the heightening insecurity in Orlu, with a view to ensuring normalcy and guaranteeing the protection of lives and property.

He noted that, “if the elected leaders and representatives of the people had proactively addressed the issue of unemployment, attendant factors and ripple effects, the situation  would not have escalated to what it is now. “If those concerned had asked relevant questions when this menace was at the initial stage we would not have lost as many lives as we regrettably did.”

He called on the students and all well meaning Orlu sons and daughters to insist that all elected officials seeking re-election should explain to them in  details the role they played in checkmating the menace which has made Orlu a no-go area with a pariah status.

He further stated that, “it is inexplicable and the height of insensitivity for any elected leader to erroneously think that his primary assignment is to sit down in his office or legislative chamber to make laws while those he claims to be leading are hungry, homeless and dying in their numbers.

He expressed delight at the way and manner Hon Chiendu Martins, representing Ahiazu/Ezinihittee federal constituency in the House of representatives promptly brought the matter about  the invasion of his constituency to the attention of his colleagues who promptly swung  into action and took decisive steps that stemmed the tide, hence there is presently relative peace in the area now.

“It is sad and unimaginable that Orlu and its environ that used to be peaceful and serene have become a no man’s land where indigenes and residents of the area now live in perpetual fear of uncertainty.

He accused some of the elected representatives of insincerity and lack of genuine commitment to enhance the welfare of  the people pointing out  that they are more interested in hustling for contracts and how to assuage their gluttonous appetite for pecuniary benefits at the expense of the electorate.

The Imo NUJ boss regretted that “Orlu people have never had it so bad as the plight of the average orlu man has become very pathetic.”

He noted that the primary aim of representative government is to ensure that the people have a say and that their voice is heard in the affairs of governance through their representatives. Hence it is often said that, in democracy, the minority will have their say while the majority will have their way.”

Comrade Nwadike frowned at the attitude of some of the elected representatives who he said have not visited their villages for a very long time because of the prevailing insecurity in Orlu and environ. “They are locked up in the comfort of their fortresses at Owerri, Abuja and elsewhere without sparing a thought about the fate of those who elected them into office, who have become sacrificial lambs in the hands of both “known and  unknown gunmen”. Yet they have the guts to seek re-election by asking the same people they abandoned to their fate to vote for them. This is an unacceptable aberration which the electorate should not yield to.”

Speaking earlier, the leader of the students, Comrade Chinemere Oguejiofor, said the purpose of their visit was to call on Comrade Nwadike to support their programs.

He also urged Comrade Nwadike to remain steadfast in his resolve to represent Orlu people, pointing out that they have for so long taken note of his efforts and the sacrifices he has made even at the risk of his life to protect the interest of the masses and to ensure good governance hinged on transparency and accountability.

“He further said, “as far as we are concerned and having thoroughly assessed the situation and realities of the moment, Comrade Precious Nwadike is the most qualified person to represent us in the next dispensation, in view of his antecedents. He is vocal, reliable,  fearless and has the wherewithal to offer quality, effective, purposeful and result-oriented representation which Orlu people need and desire at the moment.”