·        Promises effective representation

Comrade Precious Nwadile, a  human rights activist and Chairman Imo state Council of Nigerian Union of Journalists has emerged as Labour Party candidate for Orlu State Constituency for the 2023 election.

Nwadike who recently embarked on leave of absence from his position as Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper was a two time National President of Orluzurumee Youth Assembly and presently, Chairman of the organization’s Board of Trustees.

The Umudiatu, Orlu born former candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP) for Imo West Senatorial zone in 2019, in a chat with journalists shortly after his emergence said he had other political considerations but was compelled to change his mind by the  cries, repeated calls and emissaries of his people.

He said ,“The dashed hopes and expectations of Orlu people who have been subjected to all forms of dehumanizing experience including unlawful arrests, detentions, extra judicial killings, maiming, destruction of properties etc without those concerned  having the courage to speak on their behalf in addition to repeated calls by youths and their parents, most of who I assisted in different ways, took on bail and facilitated their release from various detention facilities compelled me to contest for the Orlu state constituency seat to enable me offer effective, purposeful and people-oriented representation to Orlu people who have for long been victims of bereft leadership and representation.”

Continuing, he said, “some of us who are passionately committed to the welfare of the people are concerned about the inexplicable silence of our representatives at all levels in the face of unprecedented extra judicial killings, unlawful arrests and detention which has made most of the communities in Orlu and its environ no go areas, paralyzed socio-economic activities and unleashed psychological and emotional trauma on the peoplee, majority of who are now hereaved in one way or the other.”

Nwadike a seasoned journalist who also holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from the Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Owerri, opined that, “Orlu needs someone who will not only be in Owerri to make laws but will also speak out against the ills in the society as they affect Orlu indigenes and the state at large without minding whose ox is gored.

“I decided to step out because those in positions of authority have mortgaged the interests of the people by keeping quiet as if nothing is happening, while our people are dying in their numbers. Besides, our people already know me as a bold and courageous person who cannot be easily silenced, intimidated or compromised,”

Speaking on Peter Obi’s presidential ambition, Nwadike said, “Peter Obi is the last hope for Nigerians who should not under any circumstance miss the opportunity of electing him as the next President of the country. There is no better time to correct the numerous ills of the society than now. From all indications, Peter Obi is the only presidential candidate who has the  blue print of action to address the myriad of problems presently facing our country. Besides, his record of achievements as Governor of Anambra state stands him out among the lot.”

He enjoined the electorate to come out enmasse to register and obtain their PVCs which is their power to choose the right leaders and representatives at all levels.