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Olisa Metuh Raises Alarm Over Imminent Revolution In Nigeria

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-Says Youths Angry with Political Elites

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A frontline politician and former chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Chief Olisah Metu has raised alarm over the possibility of the aggrieved and traumatized masses to embark on a volatile but bloodless revolution that would be targeted at the elites and political leaders who they believe, are responsible for the poverty, hunger, lack, unemployment and insecurity ravaging the country.

In release he made recently,  the vocal politician contended that for so long the people have endured with bad governments, failed promises and misplaced hopes, watching helplessly as those they previously revered manifested their imperfections as mere mortals.

He observed that the citizenry have sized the initiative and have now waged a war on the political class coming as a revolution that will not involve blood shade but may bring about attitudinal changes and self cleansing.

He observed vividly that the bitterness, animosity and anger displayed against the entire political class evinces the depth of preparedness to war against a class they believe failed their hopes, expectations and dreams. They mock, applaud and celebrate the misfortunes of those in the limelight as progress in nation building. The downfall and destruction of our leaders have suddenly become personal achievements and milestones in the life of others, he said.

He queried, “but why only the political class? Are they the only ones accountable to us? What happened to the civil servants who manipulate our budgets and projects, just to milk our national resources? What of the bankers who inflict us with incessant hidden charges bothering on deceit and fraud?

“The truth is that almost all classs have fallen short of expectations and have failed this present generation. 

But still, the REVOLUTION should not just be against others but should be a war against our innate nature to subvert personal and national values.

“Truly, the most important revolution needed now is in the political media space where our people believe that spewing lies, deceit and propaganda is the best approach to engage. More worrisome is the tendency of some youth who are more fixated on becoming social media warriors as a profession. 

“I pray that this revolution should lead to a change of discourse in this campaign season from personal attacks on age and certificates to issues of competence and capacity to handle our economy, security and diversity.

“The suspect revolution which may start the pooling booths may begin with the ballot revolution as many of the masses are trooping out en-mass to get their permanent voters cards to partake in the forth coming election with the aim and focus to changes the status quo.”


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