The Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma’s Special Adviser on Political Matters, Batos Nwadike, yesterday resigned from his position, accusing the governor of running non-inclusive government that tends to favour new comers more than those that laboured to install  the government.

Nwadike made this known to newsmen in Owerri, in his letter of resignation addressed to the governor.

He also alleged that since he was appointed by Uzodimma, he had spent N77 million personal money and demanded that the government should refund him.

According to Nwadike, “I am proud of the accomplishments of my office in the last 2 (two) years and 6 (six) months, during which time I dedicated all my talents and energy to the success of your administration.

“I am equally proud to have conceived your government’s slogan of ‘Shared Prosperity’ which is widely embraced by all your supporters and now synonymous with your government. I had advised you even in the days preceding your election as Governor that the Imo people deserve and will only be enamoured by bold, ambitious and visionary legacy projects such as the Owerri/ Okigwe Road and Owerri/ Orlu Road. I am glad that your audacious ongoing reconstruction of those roads tallies directly with that advice.

“My office has constantly been the first to respond to breaking news about your government. Since my appointment, I have consistently used my intellectual acumen to counter the attacks on your government and advanced unimpeachable arguments on your behalf which have been widely acclaimed even by your opponents. Your political opponents have been my political opponents and your allies have been my allies.

“This is not to say that I am not disappointed in your failure to run an inclusive government outside your chosen insular inner circle. Your undemocratic and opaque leadership style has caused me no small unrest. I have been appalled not merely for my political interest but on account of common decency. I was repeatedly left in the dark and denied access to power in a government and vision I played an unwavering and consistent leading role in birthing from 2001 to 2020. During this period, I never changed, disbelieved, vacillated or cross-carpeted.”

“As your political adviser, I was not afforded the respect of my office or reimbursed my legitimate expenses such as Imprest of my office from inauguration till date. Your Excellency, for 28 (twenty-eight) months, I spent the sum of N2,400,000 (Two Million Four Hundred Thousand Naira) monthly from my pocket in running the office which you appointed and inaugurated me into.

“These expenses were made on account of payment of staff salary, logistics, feeding, media, printing, travel, events, meetings and several other sub-heads of payment. Furthermore, I spent the sum of N10,000,000 to furnish the government residence in Commissioners Quarters which I was allocated. This is a total amount of N77,200,000 (Seventy-Seven Million Two Hundred Thousand Naira). I humbly use this medium to once again request your Excellency to instruct that these expenses be reimbursed to me,” he said.

There are indication that Nwadike may join Labour party to lend his support to the emergence of Peter Obi as President of Nigeria.

A close source to Nwadike disclosed that he is favourably disposed to supporting labour party.

When contacted, Nwadike said he will take a a a decision on which party to join after consultationsa with his family and political associates.