Egbu:Pastor Shiyanbade Lays Foundation For Winners Chapel New Auditorium

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The State Pastor of Living Faith Church, aka Winners Chapel, Owerri, Pastor Shiyanbade Adekunle, on Sunday July, 24, 2022 to the Glory of God, presided over the ground breaking and foundation laying of new Church Auditorium of Winners’ Chapel, Imo State district Church, Egbu, located at Dr Mike Okiro Close, beside Shoprite,  Owerri.

While laying the foundation, Pastor Shiyanbade said that the occasion was to hand over the project to God, extracting from the scriptures in Psalms 127:1, which says “Except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain that build it”. According to him, when we fail to invite God, even if  you have the money, Skill and technical know how, the project will suffer setbacks, but when God is in your affairs, you will always make progress. 

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Continuing, he said that God is the builder and supplier of all things, and prayed that the supplies for the building will never cease and that it will never lack resources nor suffer casualty but will gain divine speed. He therefore laid the foundation in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and prayed that the hand of God rests upon the project, and as the building rise, that destinies rises, the Glory of God in this house rises and many more buildings be built by the contact of this building.

He further prayed that all the eyes that saw the foundation, will see the completion and the glorification of the building. He prayed and subdued forces that will stand on the path of the building, and everyone that came to celebrate and witness the occasion, many more of their projects will rise, and the visions of their heart be actualized, and any of their project that is experiencing delay will forcefully start advancing. 

He also appreciated everyone that came to witness the occasion, and the entire members of Winners Chapel Egbu. He encouraged everyone to be of part of the project, helping in their capacities as the Lord led in their hearts to do.

Pastor Adekunle  also encouraged the congregation to always uphold their Pastors, and that the Pastor they prayed for, they hardly criticises. He urged them to have passion to uplift, pray for them, support them and find out about their well-being. He informs them that the rising of their Pastors is their own rising and if they do so, they will never loose their reward. 

The resident Pastor of Living Faith Church, aka Winners Chapel, Egbu District Church, Pastor Steve Adeniyi, on behalf of the leadership and the entire church Assembly thanked God for the occasion and extended his gratitude to the State Pastor for all his efforts and entire Winners Chapel worldwide. In excitement he said that today will never go off in the memory of Living Faith Church, Egbu. And we know that in a very short time that this building will be dedicated and we pray that the Lord will honour you in Jesus Name. 

The Highlight of the occasion; the ground breaking, laying of blocks, casting and anointing of the foundation by the State Pastor, Pastor Shiyanbade Adekunle. 


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