By Onyinyechi Kanu

Once in a while, providence causes a man who will sincerely champion the welfare and well being of humanity to emerge. A man who will inspire them, restore their dashed hopes and aspirations, in addition to putting smiles on the faces of the poor, needy and indigent. This,such a person does through the execution of people oriented programs, policies and projects.

That is why the people of Orifite in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State have continued to thank and glorify God for the blessing them with an illustrious, distinguished and worthy son in the person of Engr Dr Emeka Okwuosa who has remained a beacon of light and pillar of support to many.

Engr Emeka Okwuosa, as a seasoned visionary entrepreneur and pace setter has blazed the trail ahead of the others in consolidating Nigeria’s future in the Oil and Gas sector by steering the wheels of Nigeria’s transition from oil and Gas into Renewable and more sustainable Emergy with solid investments in solar power and storage.

The oil and gas magnate seen by many as excellence and philanthropy personified is presently building Institutions that will transform, reposition and out live generations with his unprecedented investments in human capital development.

Agha Oraifite, as fondly called is fast tracking Nigeria’s Socio- economic development in all ramifications.

Emeka Okwuosa, is a seasoned technocrat, internationally acclaimed engineer, renowned administrator and reputable manager of men and resources with over 35 years experience is passionately committed to human capacity development in hi tech area of the oil and gas sector.

This, he is achieving through the various institutions he has birthed across the country.

Just like his father Pa  Sir Egbuniwe Okwuosa of the blessed memory     distinguished himself as a world War Veteran, industrialist and Educationist who made outstanding contributions towards reshaping The destiny of Oraifite Community and Beyond, Sir Emeka is a man of unique and exemplary  HUMANITARIAN prowess, who  places humanity especially Oraifite first in all his programs & projects.

Beyond the private sector excellence and multi-million dollar investments in oil and gas industry, Sir Emeka Okwuosa ranks amongst Anambra’s greatest philanthropists. He is one Billionaire from the state who has succeeded in institutionalising giving, changing the usual narrative from ‘keke’ philanthropy, to purposeful and impactful outreach. His community Oraifite is one of the biggest beneficiaries of his philanthropy and largesse.

He has built roads, provided water schemes, power supply, Erosion Controls, Scholarships for indigent students,, Youth Empowerment with gainful employment,, built an ultra modern Church Complex, multi-dimensional  international secondary school with state- of-the art facilities and donated to the Church of Nigeria  Anglican Communion. 

This wonderful gesture is not surprising, because his father, a school teacher, worked in several mission schools in Anambra, where he impacted so much on the students, taking their schools to new academic levels . Engr. Emeka Okwuosa has today made the Dame Irene Okwuosa Memorial Convent, Oraifite, the Pride of Nnewi Diocese and  a major centre of academic excellence in Anambra state.

 Similarly, Engr. Okwuosa has consistently carried out free medical outreach programs for the benefit of the indigent in Oraifite and other surrounding communities. Bringing quality & affordable medicare to the door steps of the people. Recall that his mother, Dame Irene Okwuosa of  blessed memory, an administrator Per excellence equally loved, cared and catered for people and also prayed for an institution dedicated to alleviating the sufferings of people with challenging  medical cases.

Indeed Mama Okwuosa’s vision has come true after several years of hard work, determination, perseverance, and focus. It’s a multi-million Dollar investment in Advanced Medical Science with Specialties in Critical Care.

This investment stands out in all Engr. Okwuosa’s numerous philanthropic gestures , Launching a world class Cardio-Thoracic facility that was commissioned on the 12th of May 2022. The Dame Irene Okwuosa memorial hospital(DIOMH) has become the New Medical hope of the people of South East and Nigeria in general .with Specialties in Critical Care Management,and automated surgery procedures , providing State-of-the Art equipment in Radiology, Digital Cath lab, High definition 128 Slides  CT scan, automated  X-ray systems, Direct-On-Bed Oxygen Delivery, State-of-the Art Theaters .Automated Ventilators & ICU Units.

This facility is expected to bridge the gap in medical tourism in the Southeast and across the country, saving millions of dollars in foreign exchange. The facility employs medical experts in cardiology, nephrology and critical care from all over the world.

Engr. Emeka Okwuosa is an epitome of what the private sector can do in the development of the state through his community development approach. The biggest asset of Anambra is the vast array of human capital scattered all over the world, with huge material resources, skills and knowledge capable of turning around the state and positioning it as reference point in development.

Anambra needs more of Emeka Okwuosa; individuals with passion for their home land. The impact of the Dame Irene Okwuosa Memorial Hospital cannot be over emphasized. The hundreds of lives that will be saved in years to come, the millions of dollars of capital flight that will now be domiciled in Anambra, professional knowledge and skills that will be transferred, to mention a few.

Health care ranks number 1 in human development index, History will be kind to Sir Emeka Okwuosa( AghA Oraifite) as History was also kind to his father Pa Sir EGBUNIWE OKWUOSA who died for the peace and unity of his community, Oraifite and the world at large.

Engr. Emeka  has boldly written his name in the sands of time.

 He founded the Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation to advance the cause of humanity. 

Sir Emeka has therefore become a Source of Hope for the New Generation.