As Eddy Obinna insists, Imolites happy with Governor

The 2022 Iriji cultural festival of the three local government areas of Mbaise, otherwise called the Mbaise nation and the chieftaincy title of “Enyi Oha” purportedly conferred on the State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma has continued to elicit mixed reactions from different quarters.

Some of those who spoke about the event, including Hon Eddy Obinna who represents Aboh Mbaise State Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly and Engr Chidi Ibe, a former Commissioner for Information in the state under the Rochas Okorocha  expressed different views.

Engr. Chidi Ibe, in a chat with this reporter described the event as “a gathering of members of Governor Hope Uzodinma’s faction of All Progressive Congress APC, while the chieftaincy title purported to have been conferred on him is nothing but a charade that does not hold water”.

He said, “every Mbaise son or daughter knows that Iriji Mbaise usually holds on August 15 every year. The date is sacrosanct and is not subject to change”.

“The chieftaincy title conferred on Governor Uzodinma by his stooges on behalf of the Mbaise nation is not only laughable but a nullity in all respects because few political merchants cannot not arrogate to themselves the powers and authority of the custodians of culture and tradition in Mbaise land.

For instance, for such a title should be conferred on a deserving personality by the Mbaise nation, the chairman of the Council of Traditional rulers in Mbaise and members of his executives will be present to witness the occasion.

Before then, a document endorsed by majority of the traditional rulers in Mbaise nation, numbering over 40 should also be made available”. 

“But in this case, if you take a close look at the video of the event, you will observe that there were about 10 traditional rulers, a handful of political jobbers, politicians loyal to Uzodinma and members of his own faction of APC. That’s all”.

Continuing, he said, from all indications, it is obvious that the adhoc event was organized to massage and boost the ego of some drowning politicians who have lost steam and relevance.

“Since the chairmen of the Council of Traditional rulers in Mbaise did not sign a document indicating their unanimous agreement to confer a chieftaincy title on Governor Uzodinma on behalf of the Mbaise nation, the whole thing amounts to an effort in futility”.

Expressing his views about the 2022 Iriji Mbaise cultural festival and the chieftaincy title conferred on Governor Uzodinma, the member representing Aboh Mbaise state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Eddy Obinna said, the event was a huge success while the chieftaincy title of “Enyioha conferred on Governor Uzodinma by the Mbaise nation is well deserved in view of the governor’s excellent performance and the love he has for the Mbaise nation and her people.

He said, “the Iriji Mbaise festival usually holds on the 15th of August every year. But in this case, the governor had a pressing state function to attend. He pleaded with the leadership of the Mbaise nation that the event be shifted to the 16th of August, and he was obliged. That was why the Iriji Mbaise was held on August 16, this year.

“Another good thing is that the Governor used the opportunity of the Iriji festival to drive round Mbaise and saw the dilapidated state of most of the link roads. Thereafter, he promised to urgently address the situation to ameliorate the plight of the people”.

Responding to a question, the legislator rated the governor’s performance high, adding that Imolites across board are happy with the unprecedented infrastructural development going on in the state under Uzodinma’s 3R administration.

According to him, “the Governor is doing his best to provide the dividends of democracy, pointing out that insecurity, economic melt down, kidnapping, hydra-headed inflation and other vices are not peculiar to Imo State. Hence the Governor should not be held responsible. Hence, all hands should be on deck towards finding solutions to the menace”.

He also posited that the moment a person contests election and wins, all sentiments, partisan, and selfish personal interests should be relegated to the background to ensure the achievement of the interest of the majority.

“After several litigations, the Supreme Court declared Senator Hope Uzodinma Governor of Imo State, the entire state should mobilize support for him to succeed”.

Unfortunately most members of Rochas Okorocha’s camp have refused to see anything good in this administration despite its excellent performance in all ramifications. This is despicable”.

“Governor Hope Uzodinma is a God sent administrator and man of peace who has tremendous respect for rule of law, and transparency. His records speak and will continue to speak for him”.