·        Accuse Governor of adopting corn empowerment approach

The image of the Hope Uzodinma APC-led administration in Imo state is said to be currently  ebbing at a fast rate as most appointees of the government are grumbling and threatening to resign as a result of poor or non existing welfare package.

One of the appointees who does not want his name in print in a chat with this reporter, said, “the self acclaimed shared prosperity administration in Imo state has no regard for human capital development, neither do the men at the helm of affairs appreciate hardwork, commitment and sacrifice. That is why most of those who worked appointees of this government are still struggling and finding it difficult to make ends meet.’

Most of them have resigned while  others are bidding their time and fine tuning their plans to equally resign within the shortest possible time.”

The aggrieved and obviously disappointed appointee further stated that, “Governor Uzodinma, contrary to his public posturing believes in and has adopted the corn empowerment approach.”

Asked to expantiate on this, he said, “the corn empowerment approach is a situation where  a man with a corn lobe in his hand, drops a grain for a bird or fowl to eat. After eating the grain, the fowl keeps following the man, endlessly hoping that he drops another grain of corn until it becomes tired, malnourished and frustrated.” This is a very dehumanizing approach that does not aurgur well for the followers or supporters of those who believe in it.’

Responding to a question, the government appointee who is a member of the ruling party in the state said, “at the risk of being called names, I am of the opinion that the Governor is ungrateful and does not appreciate commitment, hardwork and sacrifice. Some of us expected that he would use the recently concluded primaries of the All Progressive Congress APC in the state to appreciate and empower his loyalists. But that was not the case.”

“On the contrary, there are reports that some of the positions were allegedly traded to the highest bidders in the various local government areas, thereby igniting confusion, rancor and acrimony that has silently polarized the party in the state.”