– Admits 462 new students

The University of Agriculture and Environmental Science, Umuagwo, in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State held its 2nd matriculation ceremony on Friday, April 14, 2023 in grand style.

The event where a total of 462 new intakes were administered with the oath of matriculation, while reminding them of the need to focus on their studies and shun unnecessary distractions that will jeopardize their future was witnessed by students, parents, guardians and staff of the institution.

The event which started with a colourful procession of the students, closely followed by the Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal Officers of the institution all adorned in resplendent gowns of different colours. At the rear of the procession was the Commissioner for Education, Prof John Cliff Nwadike who represented the Governor and Visitor to the institution, Sen Hope Uzodinma at the event.

In an address at the occasion, the Acting Vice Chancellor, Pro Christopher C Eze urged the students to concentrate on why they came to the university, stressing that their future is in their hands to make or mar.

He said, ‘’My beloved matriculants, character development is a desideratum. We are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that you our products become the best in your fields on graduation, however we still invite you to do your part and make our collective goal achievable. This is because we, the management and staff of UAES are geared towards training, mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, employers of labour and skilled workforce on graduation. Our programmes demands that you must have excellent experience and hands-on-tools in Agriculture and Environmental studies as well as acquire an entrepreneurship skill. Our goal is that when you graduate from UAES, you will confidently and comfortably contribute meaningfully to developmental discourses across the globe and in diverse fields even different from the certificate you are holding.

He also warned the students against involving themselves in any kind of misconduct to avoid being sanctioned.

The first steps would be for you to embrace self-discipline, self-care, decent modes of dressing, faithfulness to your studies and general comportment within and outside the campus. You need to have the carriage so that wherever you are, you become a good ambassador of UAES, that inculcates the spirit of effective time management and on daily basis weigh your productivity. Effective time management will aid you in balancing your study ethics with your personal life and promote your well-being. Reduce your stress through excellent time management. Ensure that you improve on the quality of your reading/study habit. My dear children, to improve your time management, you must prioritize your tasks on campus, create a schedule/timetable to guide your academic, social and sports activities and avoid distractions that can waste your time and reduce your daily reading/study output’’.

‘’In 4 or 5 years, by the grace of God, we shall gather again for your convocation ceremony. I therefore charge you to make the most of the opportunity afforded you by your parents/ guardians, ensure that you attend classes, shun all forms of deviant behaviors and other vices, and focus on why you are here. UAES has zero tolerance for any form of misconduct, including examination malpractices, cultism, unruly and violent behavior, prostitution, internet fraud, armed robbery, drug addiction, kidnapping, stealing, hooliganism, willful destruction of the University property, drunkenness, among others. We will not hesitate to sanction any misdemeanor. Do not use your pocket money for gambling or Ponzi schemes. Co-habitation is abhorred and engenders unhealthy lifetime. Do not engage in anything that will bring regrets at later life‘’.

‘’I congratulate our dear parents/guardians of the matriculating students and thank them for being tools in the hand of God in the training and development of these young ones. I pray God to grant you all that you need to bring their training to its logical conclusion in the next 4 or 5 years as the case may be.

With the changing world situation, please do not fail to regularly look in till they graduate. We are concluding plans with our ICT service providers for you to receive the results of your children/wards online. We therefore request that you leave your correct email and phone contact with our admissions officer before you leave this matriculation arena. Try to contact us through our platforms or the Head of Department of your ward from time to time. My dear Parents/Guardians, you have important role to play in the growth and development of this University through the Parents-Students-Staff Forum. This Forum which is henceforth your baby will be your voice and your source of contribution in this University’’.

The university recorded a mile stone at the occasion with the successful inauguration of  Parents, Students, Staff Association to be presided over by Dr Konkwo a Doctorate degree holder in Journalism alongside other members of his executive.