-Says; wife,children fueling crisis in community

The controversy generated by the inexplicable disappearance of the Traditional ruler of Obi Mbieri autonomous community in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State, HRH Eze J.N Osuji has continued to give rise to comments and insinuations that are capable of rocking the foundation of the community as most of the leaders, stakeholders and members of the traditional ruler’s immediate family are speaking in discordant tunes.

While the wife and children of the Monarch who his subjects have neither seen nor heard from in the past three years insist that he is hale and hearty, leaders and stakeholders in the community including Chief Boniface Nwaigbo (Ori na oku Eze) a confidant and very close associate of the traditional ruler, insist that he is either on the run or incapacitated by severe illness. Hence all directives and purported to have emanated from him are false misleading and mischievous.

High Chief Boniface Nwaigbo, in an exculsive interview with this Reporter unequivocally posited that, ‘’it is disheartening and worrisome that the traditional ruler of Obi Mbieri autonomous community, HRH, Eze J.N Osuji absconded without the knowledge of the leaders and stakeholders, including his confidants and close associates like myself. We have not seen or heard from him in the past three years, neither are we aware of his whereabout. We suspect that he is either dead or incapacitated by illness. But his wife and children are hiding the truth from everybody’’.

‘’The most worrisome aspect of the disappearance of the Monarch is that some miscreants have taken advantage of his absence to concoct and circulate all kinds of false and misleading directives and counter directives’.

“All they do, is get hold of the Monarch’s letter head and write whatever that suits them and their selfish interests and circulate to the public in their desperate attempt to deceive and hoodwink the people. Otherwise, what stops our revered traditional ruler from coming out from wherever he is to sort out contending issues that are polarizing Obi Mbieri autonomous community?”

Responding to a question, High Chief Nwaigbo, whose title of ‘’Ori na oku Eze’’ which literally means he who eat and dines with the Monarch said, ‘’as far as most of us in Obi Mbieri Ancient kingdom are concerned, the so-called Barr Ikechukwu Nwaopara’s antecedents and track record are nothing to write home about.

“However, we urge him to stop dissipating his energy and advise the traditional ruler to come out and address his subjects. That is the only way to unravel the puzzle and put things in proper perspective.

“How can we continue to have an Eze in the Diaspora? Why must a traditional ruler abscond from his throne and be out of the sight of his subjects for 3 years? It is not only wrong but also send a dangerous signal”.