• -Condemns Killings

The Labour Party LP candidate for Orlu State Constituency at the March, 18, 2023 election, Comrade Precious Nwadike, has condemned in very strong terms the alarming rate of extra judicial killings, arrests and most times, the outright disappearance of Innocent people in Orlu Local Government Area and environ, while those who are supposed to ask questions keep quiet as if nothing is happening.

Nwadike, a human rights activist and social crusader, expressed his feelings in a release which he personally signed and made available to the press yesterday.

He also accused the Sole Administrator of Orlu L.G.A, Pastor Chris Mbieri of not living up to expectation as the Chief Security Officer of the area. More, so, when he has on several occasions, publicly claimed that the dreaded Ebubeagu Security outfit floated and sponsored by the state government takes instructions from him.

The release with the caption, ‘’ Insecurity,  Ebubeagu’s outrageous activities in Orlu and why Chris Mbieri stands accused’’, reads thus, ‘’ Various verifiable sources and accounts have diligently indicated that the people of Orlu Local Government Area and the residents of the enclave must, as a matter priority, responsibility and a call to patriotism, hold the Sole Administrator (SOLAD) of the council, Mr Chris Mbieri accountable and responsible for the obnoxious activities of the widely condemned Ebubeagu Security Network in the LGA. 

“This is so because the Sole Administrator has on several occasions, both in public and private, acknowledged the fact that the Ebubeagu Security Network take instructions from him even as he roundly boasted that he was responsible for all of thier actions which have been confirmed by Orlu people to be not only illegal and outlandish but, also outrageous and heinous. 

“Remarkably, I have it on a good authority that during the last State House of Assembly elections in Imo State, on March 18, 2023, the Ebubeagu Security Network, rather than working for the purposes of protection and safety of all, actually carried out questionable operations that exposed them as working for the Imo State actors and thier cohorts. 

“For instance, not only did Ebubeagu harass and intimidate lawful voters, they equally arrested and detained in their custody and not that of the police, an INEC worker who did not committ any offence. 

“You will recall vividly that the former  Inspector General of Police Mr Alkali Usman Baba had directed that all non federal security outfits put in place by the respective state governments, must not be found on duty during the last general elections. Yet, Ebubeagu never respected that directive from the Force Headquarters. 

“Regrettably, at a particular moment on March 18, 2023, one Emeka, working for the Orlu LGA government, called the SOLAD and immediately the dreaded Ebubeagu Security Network arrived immediately at booth 13 at Elume the moment it was discovered that APC was not doing well in that unit. Ebubeagu arrived, intimidated as well as rough handled LP agents around the vicinity. 

“It was the same situation at Umudioka where one Ochinanwata called the SOLAD and he promptly deployed the Ebubeagu team who upon arrival dealt mercilessly with all LP agents and others who had come to cast their votes. 

“And since after the election, we have continued to receive an alarming as well as disgusting reports of how Ebubeagu harassed Labour Party agents and officials who are working assiduously to collate and file up our party’s performance during the assembly elections, unit by unit. This is unacceptable to us. 

“I challenge the SOLAD of Orlu LGA to urgently give our people the identity of the group responsible for the satanic and inhuman killings of Orlu indigenes at the shallow pit at Umuowa community, close to St Mery’s Hospital, Orlu and The pit at Mgbee Community, Orlu.

“We also demand that those found culpable in the crime against humanity and humanities must be brought to book and made to face the full weight of the law. A situation where out able bodied youths and adults are killed like Christmas fowls without any recourse to constitutionalism or legalism must stop henceforth’’.