The stakeholders of Obi Mbieri autonomous community have thrown their weight behind the Sole Administrator of Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State.

According to the press statement issued in Owerri yesterday,which copy was made available o this reporter,the community stated that the tenure of Chief Patrick Emeruem had long elapsed as such can’t lay claim toleadership of Obi Mbieri.

The group Comprising mainly  titled Chiefs of the community and other interest groups who spoke through Chief Jeto Nwadi maintained that the SOLAD’s intervention in addressing the leadership problem of the community was timely.

They used the opportunity to affirmed their unalloyed support for their new president General,Chief Sam Oparaugo.

The release reads”Our attention has been drawn to a Watchdog newspaper publication of August 03, 2023, by the ex – PG of Obi Mbieri, Mr. Patrick Emeruem.  Mr. Emeruem is claiming to cling to power after publicly handing over to his successor,  Chief Sam Oparaugo. Mr. Emeruem now claims that he handed over under durex, which is false and laughable.

“The ex-PG did it publicly in front of Obi Mbieri Eze’s in council,  youth leaders, and stakeholders at the local government council Nwaorieubi.  Hence, Mr. Patrick Emeruem does not and will not speak for the good people of Obi Mbieri Autonomous Community.

“The facts remain that Mr. Emeruem’s tenure elapsed, coupled with disunity and infighting and litigations that clouded his administration. 

“The traditional Prime Minister of Obi Mbieri Autonomous Community, Prof. Kyrian Chinedu Onyeji Ndikom, the Town Union, Chief Oparaugo, and the village heads unanimously PASS a vote of confidence on the Mbaitoli SOLAD and governor Hope Uzondinma’s 3R administration 4+4. We commended the Mbaitoli SOLAD for bringing peace to Obi Mbieri amidst the disarray that was.

“Hon. Hamilton Opara’s mediation has brought the peace we enjoy now.

“Prior to the SOLADs intervention,  Obi Mbieri was in turmoil crowned with fear and anxiety. Take a look at the many court cases involving Patrick Emeruem and his counterpart,  Martin Iwuajoku Onyeugo, and Eze J.N. Osuji’s.

” (1).MNU /1C/justin okoroji 2022-COP vs. Chief Justin okoroji &  others.

“(2).HMI/112/ 2020 Chief vitalis opara and others vs partrick Emeruem  and others.

“(3).HMI/113/2020 Chief vitalis opara vs COP and others (including Patrick Emeruem, former PG)

Note: Chief vitalis opara was the purported Eze J.N Osuji’s PG.

“(4).COP vs. Uzoma ekeanyanwu and others MNU /43C/2021. 

(5) Suit # HMI/40/2023 J. Osuji vs. Martin Iwuajoku Onyeugo,  others.

 (6) Suit # HIH/55/2023 – Martin Iwuajoku Onyeugo vs. SOLAD / others.

“All these are due to leadership crises (I no go agree syndrome). Because of these ego squabbles,  Eze J.N Osuji escaped a suspected assassination plot. The Eze was also dragged to the police and court at Abuja. The Eze and his brother Aririerimba are at a daggers edge, yet the hooligans in the factional camps are not perturbed.

“Are we better now than before the SOLAD’s intervention?Unequivocally, YES. We want peace. We want SOLAD. We support Hon. Hamilton Chinasa Opara. 

Peace must return to Ala Mbieri. The selfish fools must go.

Long live the Mbaitoli SOLAD, Long live the Imo State Governor, Long live HRH, Eze Osuji and Long Live Obi Mbieri Autonomous Community”.