• Rates Uzodinma Administration Low

Prince Marshal Okoafor-Anyanwu, the Omuma, Oru East Local Government Area born political heavy weight and social crusader, has said that antecedent, pedigree, track record and ability to tolerate criticisms and accommodate diverse political views will determine who occupies the Imo State Government House, come November, 11,2023.

Okaforanyanwu who disclosed this in a chat with our correspondent noted that “with the present state of affairs in Imo, it will be absolutely suicidal for us to allow a dictator who lacks the tolerance to accommodate opposing views to assume power again, in addition to the excruciating security challenges, killings, hunger, lack and deprivation that have already brought the people to their knees”.

Anyanwu, who was the founding Chairman of the APC in Imo State, while commenting on why he recently resigned his membership of Social Democratic Party,SDP said, that he resigned because of high handedness, non conformity with the rules and guidelines of the party and its constitution.

“On speculations that he is about joining the APC, he said, “that is absolutely false. I can’t go back to the APC. I am not saying that the party is bad but I can’t join the APC as it is today. Presently, I have not joined any political party since I resigned my membership of SDP. However I will make my stand known in no distant time”.

Asked to assess the performance of the Hope Uzodinma administration, Okaforanyanwu, who is known for being very blunt and straight forward, said, “as far as I am concerned, this administration’s score card is very low. For instance, what would any reasonable person score this administration on security, with the rampant killings, maiming, arson, destruction of properties etc that are prevalent in the state today? How does one rate the government on job creation, water supply, etc.

I am yet to see any apolitical person who has benefitted from this government’s so-called empowerment programs. All we hear are stories of segmented empowerment enjoyed by friends, associates and cronies of those at the corridors of power. That is not how a government organized empowerment programme should be handled”.

It should be all-inclusive and the list of beneficiaries should be published for easy identification community by community. This will dispel negative insinuations and hear say”.

 Responding to a question, he said, “every political party advocates for good governance. But unfortunately, at the end of the day, the man at the helm of affairs truncates it by dumping the party’s manifesto and starts running his own programs to suit his whims and caprices”.

On what he thinks about the age-long zoning formula between the three senatorial zones, in the state, Anyanwu said, “as a social crusader who believes in justice, equity and fairness, I strongly advocate that the next Governor of Imo State should come from Owerri zone”.

In the next 3 months, Orlu zone would have been there for 20 years it would therefore be unfair for an Orlu man to remain there beyond 2023. That is why I am disappointed in some our traditional rulers who have been parading a fake and compromised charter of equity in their frivolous endorsements that are not in tandem with reality.

As traditional, rulers and custodians of our culture and religion they should stand by the truth without minding whose ox is gored. But unfortunately, that is not what we are seeing today. Hence, some of us are highly disappointed”.