Members of the Imo State PDP Stakeholders Forum have frowned against what it described as “derogatory misrepresentation” of the immediate past governor of Imo State, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha by agents of the Hope Uzodimma administration and by extension, the All Progressives Congress in Imo State.

In a statement made available to journalists after its expanded exco meeting in Owerri, the group’s spokesman, Hon. Martin Iro expressed disaffection with how the Uzodimma government has continually rubbed in its humiliation of Ihedioha through its media hirelings.

“We must remind Imolites that Chief Hope Uzodimma is the same person who sponsored unprintable things against our leader, His Excellency Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, including, accusing him of being behind the series of killings in Imo State, diversion of multi billion Naira LGA funds and sundry offences. It was the same Uzodimma regime through their agents in the security setup that practically sent Ihedioha on forced exile from Imo State by indicting him of murder, arson, terrorism and other trumped up charges with the aim of scaring him away from the governorship race.”

The group claims to be aware that Uzodimma would have assassinated Ihedioha if he had his way and wonders how the same Uzodimma would want to present himself as a better friend of Ihedioha, now that he is seeking reelection.

“What Uzodimma is doing is tantamount to trying to present himself as a friend to a man who survived his murderous traps. If God hadn’t been with our leader, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, he would probably have been dead by now, because Uzodimma set everything in motion to decimate him. Turning around, after frustrating him out of the governorship race, to claim to be his friend, is the height of disrespect. What Uzodimma is doing is trying to sell a dangerous narrative about our leader, as a man without principles, and a man who is guilty of everything he had accused him of”

The statement concluded by reaffirming the support of all PDP stakeholders to the governorship candidate of the Party.

“Some of us might have preferred Ihedioha as the candidate of the Party and would have voted for him if he contested in the primaries, but we are Party men and women, and the Party’s interest overrides every individual interest. His Excellency Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha taught us to abide by Party decisions, and over the last 24 years, he has been the beneficiary of the Party’s system and at each of those times, there were people who didn’t feel comfortable with his victory at the Party level, but he always urged them to sheathe their swords with the argument that Party is supreme. This is the first time since he got involved in elective politicking that he is not getting the Party ticket and we are sure he would support the Party’s candidate in line with his avowed principle of supremacy of the Party. The APC is sponsoring narratives in the media to tarnish his hard-earned reputation by insinuating that he is fighting with the Party’s governorship candidate.” The statement concluded.