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Death, Calamity Will Befall Judges Who Pervert Justice, Says  E-dey Work

The Spiritual Director of Canaan land Adoration Centre, Onicha, in Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, Rev Fr Magnusi Ebere SDV has reiterated his earlier prophecy that the wrath of God will soon descend on Judges and other staff of the judiciary who pervert justice and compromise the will of the people to assuage their selfish and parochial interests.

Rev Fr Ebere who stated this at the Adoration Counseling Center on Wednesday, September, 6, while teaching on Divine Provision noted state that those judges and others in the temple of justice who pervert justice and deny people what is due to them will face very unpleasant and disastrous consequences, particularly those who were involved in the 2023 Election Petition Tribunals.

According to the fiery catholic priest “the wrath of God will befall the corrupt and fraudulent judges and their families in unimaginable proportions in the form of mysterious deaths and other unpleasant situations that will serve as deterrents to others who may wish to toe their ignoble paths”.

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He called on the judges to dispense justice equitably without fear or favour.

“If the Judges presiding over the Election Petition Tribunals fail to deliver judgment based on the truth and in line with the will of the people, they will see the evil wind that will blow in their lives and in the lives of members of their respective families”.

Fr Ebere urged the congregation to always put their hope and trust in God no matter how tough, harsh or severe the situation is adding that God has solutions to all problems and situations.

“God is the greatest provider of the needs of hi people. However, for one to benefit from God’s abundance, the person must dwell in the house of God and be a sacrificial giver”.

“Divine provision is beyond human capacity and expectation. It also has nothing to do with human labour and peripheral efforts”.

“Citing relevant sections of the Bible to buttress his teaching, Fr Ebere appealed to Christians to not only be their brothers keepers but to be Kingdom Servants and Investors.

Fr Magnus Ebere advised Christians not to see money given In the Church during offerings as money to the Priests or Pastors, but as offering to God for His Kingdom”. 




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