The release of  Chisom Uba aka Nonsonkwa has attracted the voice of an elder statesman, Bob Njemanze who expressed his gratitude to Imo governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma for upholding what he termed as ‘’justice and compassion’’ over his release but cautioned on the media reportage which he insists must be done professionally in line with its ethics.

Elder Bob Njemanze, a prominent advocate for social justice and fairness in a statement made available to the media on Thursday  extends his heartfelt appreciation to Governor Hope Uzodimma ‘’for demonstrating wisdom and empathy in the release of the Radio Broadcaster, Chinonso Uba popularly known as Nonsonkwa who was incarcerated for alleged libelous statements’’.

He however insisted that the media should endeavour to manage their news with the backing of their professional standards aware of their responsibility to the public and government.

The prince of the Njemanze royal dynasty also condemned the idea of some members of the public misleading and deceiving some men of the media with their antics which to him, constitutes danger to the society.  

Bob Njemanze said ‘’In a society driven by principles of justice and rehabilitation, it is imperative that the voices of reason and compassion are heard and acted upon’’.

The Owerre Nchi Ise born Prince hailed the governor, Senator Hope Uzondimma for exemplifying these values and making an informed decision that prioritizes fairness and the well-being of individuals within the criminal justice system.

According to the fiery Public Analyst, ‘’The case in question involved a popular radio presenter, Chinonso Uba who was incarcerated for what was termed libelous utterances against the governor to incite the citizens against the 3R administration of Governor Hope Uzodimma.

 However, upon thorough review and consideration of the circumstances, Governor Hope Uzodimma recognized the importance of listening to the voice of reason, granting Uba the opportunity for a fresh start’’.

Bob Njemanze expressed his optimism in the power of redemption, second chances, and the potential for positive change within every individual saying that ‘’by making this compassionate choice, Governor Hope Uzodimma has not only shown faith in the capacity for rehabilitation but also demonstrated a commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive society for all’’.

Njemanze also appreciated  the roles of the Archbishop of Owerri Archdiocese, His lordship, Lucious Ugorji who he affirmed supported the cause and advocated for the release of Nonsonkwa. ‘’Their voices played instrumental roles in bringing attention to this matter and highlighting the importance of compassion within our society’’ he said.

Elder Bob Njemanze also admonished media practitioners who he said are quick to cast aspersion on politicians and political actors, emphasizing that all the candidates for the November 11, 2023 election are shadow governors and should be accorded respect.

He went further insisting that ‘’should Governor Uzodimma not emerge, any of them will. So the media should be circumspect in their reportage’’.