As All Roads Lead To Ehime-Mbano For Mother Of All Rallies.

Senator Athan Achonu, Imo Labour Party governorship candidate will take his campaign train to his own kinfolks amidst great expectation.

The Aku Ruo Ulo exponent will be at the height of his campaign  for November 11 election with a massive home crowd already  await him; in fraternity with their own son.

Agu Otu Aka is a man well endeared in Ehime-Mbano beyond politics, and his home coming will be a testament of love and solidarity coming from a solemn crowd who would ask for nothing than victory at polls.

The event scheduled to hold at Lutheran Primary School ground,  Ogboama, Umuezeala, Thursday October 26, starting at noon, will attract loyalists, Obidients and those whom Senator Achonu has touched in several ways. 

Recall that his campaign train that visited Orlu Zone with Peter Obi in attendant, attracted neighbouring communities who could not hold back to have a glimpse of the One-Arm-General and the Chief Obidient, Peter Obi. The surge of crowd at Orlu was overwhelming, with a solidarity chant for Labour Party.

Ehime-Mbano is the home soil of Senator Athan Achonu. His campaign in the Zone, however, may be seen as mere formality, but will be very significant to solidify his love for his people. 

His campaign train, always formidably coloured with a kaleidoscope of Super-Bikers, die-hard Obidients and great party loyalists will be a cynosure at the Lutheran School ground.

According to a statement from the Achonu Media Team Head, Chibuikem Diala, he said, “This is a mother of all rallies. The expectation is very high, especially as Ehime-Mbano has been impatient to see Agu Otu Aka touch their soil. We are storming Ehime-Mbano with massive love, and strong message of victory. We will not disappoint our own people.”

He also noted that everyone regardless of party affiliation is eager to see Sen Achonu come home to identify with his own kinfolks and reel the message of rescue Imo to their ear, adding that it will be great at the rally ground.