By Dorcas Samson Achi

His Royal Highness(HRH) Eze Egwuogu,Bonny Ikenna,PhD, Igwe Ohazurume nke Izizi, Ozo Igbo Ndu nke Uloano Ndugba of Isu Local Government Area, and a well known Political Scientist has reacted to the recent Imo State Governor’s cancellation of the pensions accruing to past Governors,speakers and their Deputies over the years. 

According to him, the action of governor Hope Uzodinma is in accordance with the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, which provides that for a pensioner to qualify, he or she must have worked for at least ten (10) years. He averred that none of these former political office holders meets this very basic requirement nor was the payment of pensions one of the conditions precedent to their taking of office. 

HRH Eze Egwuogu also applauded the Imo state governor for not ignoring the contingent circumstances of the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic and the negative economic backlash that it has generated in the international economy and the economy of the state by his pragmatic and proactive action. 

He reprimanded those who reacted against repealing of such laws, stating that their reasons and arguments are convoluted and pedestrian. He also advised Imolites not to involve in criticisms against any government that is rooted in the best intentions.

“It is also worthy to note that some of the beneficiaries of such payments also get huge amount of money as salaries and allowances in other positions they occupy such as those serving as senators or members of the House of Representatives”, he explained.