Says Ohaji Is The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg For Imo State

Senator Athan Achonu Campaign train on Tuesday berthed at Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area where huge crowds, cutting across party lines trooped out to receive the august visitors.

A crowd of excited residents thronged the venue of the campaigns en masse from all the political wards in Ohaji. They decried the failure of the All Progressives Congress, APC-led administration to give Ohaji/Egbema, at least one accessible road.

Hon. Hercules Okoro, who led the crowd, promised to deliver 100% Ohaji votes to Senator Athan Achonu and his deputy, Hon. Tony Nwulu on November 11, 2023.

While addressing the crowd, Hon. Okoro sarcastically asked, “Is there any other party in Ohaji besides the Labour Party?”  The mammoth crowd rent the air with a thunderous NO!

Okoro assured the good people of Ohaji/Egbema that Senator Athan Achonu will transform and develop the local government for them; what the government of APC has failed to do.

In conclusion, Hon. Okoro posited that the only way to get Ohaji/Egbema back to its glorious position is to vote for the Athan /Nwulu ticket.

On his own, Hon. Tochukwu Okere, who doubles as the campaign council chairman urged the Ohaji/Egbema people to vote for Senator Athan Achonu, a man with capacity and God’s wisdom for meaningful development in their area, especially as regards access roads.

While speaking to the crowd, the deputy governorship candidate, Hon. Tony Nwulu, asked Ndi Ohaji/Egbema to rejoice because the time they will enjoy the 13% oil-producing community derivations has come.

According to him: “God’s time has come for infrastructural development in Ohaji/Egbema; you should not allow your destiny to enter into the wrong hands of the APC government.”

In reaction to the overjoyed women, who presented her with a coconut tree for planting, Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Chiamaka Achonu, assured them that Senator Athan Achonu will take care of Imo State the way he takes care of her. She reminded them that already he has promised to give 45% women affirmative action. According to her this is the first time women will accorded such level of honour and respect in Imo state.

In her words, “I want this crowd to translate to the victory vote on November 11. Please, support me; come out in large numbers to prove to the whole world that women can make a great impact in installing who governs them.

On his part, the Labour Party flag bearer, Senator Achonu, expressed shock over the dilapidated roads infrastructure in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area. He reiterated his promise to conduct the best local government elections where strong candidates across party lines can win within six months of his administration as well as to grant local government autonomy.

 “I will never touch any kobo belonging to the local government and ISOPADEC. If I have such intentions, may God never allow me to win,” he swore 

According to him, such bad roads in Ohaji were inexcusable. He prayed to God to reward all those who participated in embezzling funds that would have been used to develop Ohaji.

He assured the huge crowd that no one would rig the election and declared that he would emerge victorious.

Achonu further reiterated his commitment to ensure 24-hour light in Imo State in his one year in office, and that the huge gas deposit in Ohaji will make that a reality, adding that he had already consulted investors who will storm Imo State with huge investment packages that will ensure the fulfillment of his manifestoes.

He said, “If I could turn the swamp into arable land and build Agriculture Park that can create over 2000 direct jobs, as a private citizen, you can imagine what I will do as a governor.” 

He also promised to build 27 agro-processing hubs in each of the 27 local government areas of the state to make Imo the highest producer of palm oil by giving communities 10,000 palm trees for planting every year.

On education, the Labour Party governorship candidate emphasised the need for restoration of the teaching of the Igbo language in schools. He promised that the Igbo language would be used to teach some of the subjects and would restore the state’s cultural values.

Speaking further, he gave examples of countries, such as China, India, Japan, etc., that retained their unique value even after accepting colonialism and compared how far they had gone in development, adding that we need our cultural values to develop. 

Speaking to the Youths, Achonu challenged them to take back their state because it is their time to be in charge, further saying that for him, what he wants is to rescue the state and hand it over to the youths. 

He assured Ndi Imo that he would speak truth to power in demanding the rights of Ndi Igbo without fear, unlike others who have some red marks on their files and would keep quiet when such files are opened to them. 

Also present on the campaign train were: Barr. Calistus Ihejiagwa, state party chairman, Hon. Chime Nzeribe, DG, campaign organization; Paschal Odibo, Nick Okparandudu, Capt. Mbamara and Hon. J. Ojinika, among several other eminent dignitaries.