–      Party Poses Threat To Major Contenders

–      We Are Sure Of Victory-Chairman

Contrary to claims by Mr Fabian Ihekweme, who is said to be a political jobber, in his poorly scripted press release, where he claimed that Accord Party is partnering with the Social Contract deal, to support and endorse Governor Hope Uzodinma’s re-election, Accord Party has disowned Ihekweme describing him as a man of questionable character and antecedents, who has no other means of livelihood except doing hatchet jobs, deceiving the electorate and being paid by his sponsors his ignoble and despicable roles.

The State Chairman of Accord Party, Hon ThankGod Ibe ,who is also the deputy Governorship candidate of the party, in a chat with our correspondent debunked Ihekweme’s claims, adding that Accord Party has not at anytime parleyed with Ihekweme.

What rather happened according to the party  was that, when some of those who were following Ihekweme sheepishly, eventually noticed that he had ulterior motives and was also a political merchant they started avoiding him”.

“As a matter of fact, the Chairman of his so-called Big Tenth in Imo state and his supporters have  declared support for Accord Party alongside members of Labour Party”.

He further posited that Accord Party is intact and committed to win the election.”Our party is not enmeshed in one legal or internal tussle like other parties.

“That is why all other candidates are scared of Accord Party and its expected exploits, come, November, 11 election.

According to ThankGod, “the choice of Ikenga John Jude Okere an accomplished gentleman as the governorship candidate of Accord Party is the best decision taken by our party. More so, when other candidates are either having credibility problems or battling with conflicting legal issues”.

Some Imolites who commented on the Social Contract deal, described Fabian Ihekweme as a “job man” who should not be taken seriously.

One of them who pledged anonymity said, “though, Ihekweme is my brother, I am ashamed of him and the way he mortgages his conscience because of peanuts.

It will shock you to know that, except when he was made a Commissioner by Hope Uzodinma and offered accommodation at Commissioner’s quarters, Ihekweme has never lived in a rented apartment. He has been living in hotels, even when he was running about for his Big Tent propaganda. That is why most of us who know him and his antecedents did not and still don’t take him serious based on what we know about him and the way he operates”.

Recall, that Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper had earlier published several reports about Ihekweme’s clandestine activities and how he was being used to destabilize Labour Party.

 Today, he has gone back to the APC where belongs and is currently organizing the Social Contract deal for Uzodinma who he has also publicly endorsed for second tenure, after reportedly achieving his mission in Labour Party.