Aggrieved Imo State Civil servants have told Gov Hope Uzodinma that, they will use their votes come November 11 governorship election, to beat  him back, as revenge over the unprovoked and unwarranted brutalization, arrest and detention of their national leaders in the state.

The visibly upset workers who spoke to newsmen under condition of strict anonymity for fear of reprisal from government and its agents, at the Hero’s Square last Thursday during what they said was a forced endorsement of the governor, declared that by allegedly ordering the beating of NLC President, he has finally ended the fragile relationship existing between him and workers.

According to them, having openly declared war on them, it was only natural for them to defend themselves against extermination, and the only option available to them is to use their votes to fight back.

One of the workers who claimed to be a staff of Oru East LGA, noted that the alleged invasion of their secretariat and unleashing of mayhem on Comrades Ajero, Nuhu Toro and other top labour leaders  who were peacefully meeting and deliberating on how to get him to fulfill several agreements reached with workers, was nothing but an open demonstration by Gov Uzodinma that he can do whatever he likes to Imo workers, and get away with it.

According to him, that is the only interpretation that could be given to action of the thugs and police allegedly sent by him to beat up the NLC President, stressing that if a national figure like the NLC President could be treated like a common thief, then one could only imagine what the government can do to an ordinary worker without voice and influence 

He posited that what made the issue unbearable was the fact that the leaders were beaten up while on the line of their legitimate and justified duty of fighting for the interest and welfare of Nigerian workers, adding that if Gov Uzodinma is sensitive and responsive to workers demands, the labour leadership wouldn’t have come to the state, as  the issues they came to address would have long being settled.

According to him, the unfulfilled agreements the governor reached with workers were reached during the tenure of former NLC President  Comrade Ayuba Wabba, and not under the incumbent president, adding that Comrade Ajaero  only inherited the problem, and decided to address it as  a proactive and responsible leader.

Another local government staff from Oguta insisted that there can be no justification for the barbaric and primitive reaction of the government, to visit of the labour leaders to the state, as it’s a  fact that there are lingering unfulfilled promises and agreements the governor reached with Imo workers since he came into office.

He noted that since the governor has cowed, factionalized and pocketed a section of the labour leadership in the state, thereby weakening the struggling spirit of the state organized labour, it was only the national leadership of the labour centres, that can fight for the rights and interests of the workers.

He argued that Imo workers have being treated like rag by the present APC administration in Imo State in the last nearly four years, listing some of harsh treatments being meted on them to include, non implementation of N30.000 minimum wage, payment of half salary, laying off of more ten thousand workers as ghost workers, withholding of statutory check off dues and hijacking of allocation of the 27 local government areas.

Amid this litany of woes, he stressed what a sensible and responsible administration should have done was to engage the team lawfully, rather than resorting to self help, adding that since the governor has made it clear to workers that he is a threat to their existence, they are duty bound to vote him out so that they can live.                                                                       

Also contributing another worker who said he is a management staff said he has never experienced what he is experiencing today in his almost twenty seven years of being in service, alleging that both the system and the workers are slowly and steadily being destroyed by the governor.

He noted that if the only problem is the disdainful and high-handed treatment of workers and the system, not many eyebrows will be raised as is happening now.

The real worry according to him is that the governor has demonstrated severally his penchant to use naked force and power to respond to legitimate demands and actions of the workers and their leaders, as witnessed last week, instead of resorting to constructive engagement.

Noting that the beating and brutalization of the labour leaders was the first time such has happened in the country since independence, the man wondered what will be the fate of Imo workers for the next four years, if Gov Uzodinma returns back to office.

According to him, without being said it is very glaring that workers will suffer like plantation slaves if he is reelected, stressing that in line with the natural law of preservation, it is incumbent on the long suffering and abused workers of the state to use their votes on November 11 to stop that potential existential threat.