In a media chart with a cross section of journalists in Owerri, the Accord party candidate in the just concluded Imo State Governorship election, Ikenga Johnjude Okere, boldly challenged the legitimacy of the declared winner, Senator Uzodinma. With a firm stance, Okere emphasized that a thorough examination of the election records revealed a lack of a genuine contest.

According to Ikenga Jonjude Okere, delving into the available records from the November 11th elections in Imo State paints a clear picture – there was no real electoral contest. His assertion raises pertinent questions about the grounds on which Senator Uzodinma was declared the victor. Ikenga JohnJude Okere contends that the decision to proclaim a winner in the absence of a substantial electoral contest is not only unfounded but also undermines the democratic process.

In Ikenga Johnjude Okere’s view, the declaration of Uzodinma as the winner lacks a solid foundation, making it a questionable outcome. He urged journalists and members of his party to scrutinize the election records diligently. Okere’s call for resilience indicates a determination to challenge what he sees as an assumed victory by the incumbent.

The Accord Party candidate’s argument hinges on the essence of a true democratic process, where candidates compete fairly, and the electorate’s voice is genuinely heard. Without a genuine electoral contest, Okere asserts that any claim to victory is hollow and lacks the legitimacy that should accompany a democratic election.

As the political landscape in Imo State continues to unfold, Ikenga Johnjude Okere’s bold statements serve as a rallying cry for those who believe in upholding the integrity of the electoral system. The aftermath of the November 11 elections in Imo State may well be defined by the scrutiny of records and the determination of individuals like Okere to challenge outcomes that appear to lack a robust foundation in genuine democratic electoral contest.