-Gives Outgoing PG Time To Conduct Credible Election
Fear and uncertainty is pervading Umuojisi community in Ideato south local government area of Imo state as their end of year general meeting ended in deadlock over what the majority of the people called a kangaroo selected of a new Central Body executives led by Mr Okechukwu Emedo as President General against the constitution of the community.
Some of the stakeholders, that included the Traditional Prime Minister of the community, Chief E D Ibeh, Engr Mathew Ikpa, Mr Chinedu Ibeh, Hon Gaius Udorie; had agreed that the Mr Okechukwu’s led executive is product of illegality and injustice to the people of Umuojisi but was of the opinion that they be allowed to continue to avoid vacuum in governance.
Earlier in the meeting, Hon Ugochukwu Ikpa, a former Councilor and Mr Walter Nwanedo, a former Secretary of the Central Body raised the alarm of the illegality of the kangaroo executive presiding the union’s meeting; stating categorically the illegal process of their emergence which was supported by majority of the people, to include; no  open-door notice for any election, which led to no delegates from the sister branches let alone the women and youth wings of the union as enshrined in the community constitution and the most unacceptable part of it all was that the selection was done in a private home instead of the constitutionally enshrined community hall. On that premise, the purported executives including that of the home branch were declared null and void.
In their own different submissions, Chief Goddy Ihionu, Diaspora representative, Mr Daniel Emenike, the youth leader President of the community, Mr Samson Eze, Abuja Branch Mr Uche Mmadumere, Lagos Branch, Mr Chukwuma Ihionu, Home Branch among others suggested two options to remedy the ugly situation; they submitted that a legitimate election be organized there and then, with a second option of giving some time to conduct the election within the year 2024.
The women wing, who spoke through their leader Mrs Elizabeth Eze, Mrs Ndidi Nwosu and Mrs Ngozi Ikpa supported that the ugly situation be remedied without any delay before it becomes a norm in the community. They went further to voice their displeasure on how they have always been shortchanged in any beneficial programs/projects in the community but are remembered when it comes to lending/borrowing money.
Unfortunately, things took a disheartening turn, with anger raising, when the high-headed kangaroo selected President General, Mr Okechukwu Emedo stopped the meeting abruptly and walked out of the people.