-Blast Akpabio Led Leadership Of Senate

Nigerians have risen in defence of Senator Abdul Ahmed,senator representing Bauchi Central while condeming the leadership of the senate for suspending him for exposing their fraudlent activities in the senate.

One of such groups include the Northern Nigerian Students(ANNS) which held their emergency meeting yesterday  and took far reaching decisions among which is to protest in Abuja should the senate fail to reinstate Ningi.

In a communique issued at the end of the meeting,signed by Comrade Sani Adamu as national President  the group gave the Senate 48 hours to act or have them to contend with.

The release reads,”With Humongous dismay and grievances in our heart, the leadership of Association of Northern Nigerian Student totally condemned the decision of the Senate Leadership over the Suspension of Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi. 

“As Nigerians may all be aware few days ago Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi allege Senate President over budget padding which #3.7 Trillion remains unaccounted for in the 2024 budget, without specific project. 

“Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi has a well experience Politician, very compassionate in protecting the interest of Nigerians irrespective of religious, tribe, political affiliation or any other status. 

“It is so ridiculously for the Senate Leadership to suspend our entire voice of the Northerners in the senate because we believe in the effective Leadership’s of Sen. Abdul Ahmed Ningi towards protecting the interest of the North and the Nation at large

“Mr President of the Senate, we want to call your attention to remind you incase you have forgotten the duty and responsibility of the Legislatives, of course what Sen. Abdul Ahmed Ningi did is part of his duty as the Legislature are to checkmate the budget, ensure full implementation of the budget, and make laws of the country. therefore we are proud of the leadership of Sen. Abdul Ningi the fact that he prof to his constituents that he knows what he is doing as well he is representing them very good not as other senators that are sleeping in the Senate, while others are afraid of such brutality and indeed some are only fighting for their pockets. 

“In this regard, we will not fold our hands and keep watching this dictatorship of the Senate Leadership which can cause our representatives to be fear of standing and protecting our legitimate interest that will bring development in our Constituency. 

“We hereby issue 48 Hours Ultimatum to the Senate Leadership to reverse their decision or face a mega protest that will shutdown National Assembly”.