Since 1954, Peak Evaporated milk has remained the leading commodity found in almost every household in Nigeria. It’s premium quality and brand name has remained intact and maintained high superiority over other household commodities in Nigeria. Its diary nutrition quality, essential vitamins and mineral content, creamy taste and uncompromising peak quality  have made it  a common demand and fancy of every family and created a brand consumers for its manufacturer. For over seven decades , Peak Milk has remained a quality and exceptional brand that does not need much advertising. 

Like Peak Milk which does not need much advertising, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is an exceptional brand name in the nation’s political firmament. He is a man of quintessential quality  with effervescent influence and superfluous content. 

Just like the popular “Agnes Nwamma” wherever you go, you must hear about him. Wherever he is, his aura,  influence and leadership ingenuity magnets organic support and love from the people. His exponential currency and dominance in virtually all political spheres defy logical apprehension. Anyday, anytime, Emeka Ihedioha remains a phenomenal mystique, a political compass that savours navigating channels and speedlanes for those who have the privilege of hobnobbing with him. 

His unprecedented credit, robust impacts, potentialities and illuminative splendor which he has continued to bring to bear in the nation’s leadership circle should call for celebratory jollification.

His short-lived seven months tenure as Governor of Imo state brought a glimmer of hope and prosperity for Imo people and  laid the foundation of a brighter and enduring future for the state. His vision of good governance and infrastructural revolution will continue to speak even till eternity.

 Since then, his sterling characteristics, vision and confounding strength of purpose have made him gain overwhelming dominance in the heart of Imo electorate, making himself appealing and a cynosure of all eyes. 

Everyone wants the brand  “Emeka Ihedioha”. Blessed with boundless potentials and cross-border visionary instincts that define his trajectories, leadership trigonometry, institutional conquistador and superfluous political engagements, Emeka Ihedioha will continue to fly like Eagle above partisan inclinations.

Just like “ahia oma na-ere onwe ya”, the  Ihedioha brand will continue to sell itself without any party  stumbling and conspiracy. 

It is glaring that there must be hypercritics that you cannot wish  away on grounds of envy, jealousy, blackmail and conspiracy, but in all, Ihedioha’s detractors haplessly and inevitably constitute his footstool till “thy kingdom come”.