–      Gives Ultimatum

A pro-democracy group known as Imolites For Good Governance IFGG, has threatened to expose all members of the National Assembly, who have uptil now, not distributed the bags of rice and other goodies amounting to millions of naira released by the Tinubu administration for distribution to their constituents as palliatives to cushion the effects of the prevailing hardship in the country.

The group, while speaking through their Legal Adviser, Barr Austin Onyekwere, expressed regret that those elected to represent their people at the National Assembly have, aside all the funds they amass, condescended to the abysmal level of appropriating and diverting the palliatives meant for their constituents to personal use.

The group further averred that, aside taking mass action against the erring lawmakers who they described as callous, insensitive and inconsiderate, they would also initiate law suits against them, while also commending some of them who painstakingly distributed the relief materials to their constituents.

“Let it be known that we are giving all members of the national assembly who are yet to distribute the relief materials to their constituents from now till the end of June to do so or have us to contend with.

We have compiled a list of all the lawmakers who are yet to distribute the palliatives to their constituents, except they are saying that they were not given. But we believe that all members of the national assembly were given the palliatives for distribution to their people”.

“The era of keeping quiet while those who hold our mandate in trust keep shortchanging us is over. This time around, they would be compelled to be accountable to the people”.