–      Says; Owerri, Okigwe, Should Collaborate, Seek Orlu’s Support

Chief Mike Nwachukwu (Mpi Dike) the Egbelu, Obube, Owerri North Local Government Area born politician and former banker, who contested the Owerri zone Senatorial Seat, on the platform of Accord Party, has formally written the Imo Council of Elders led by His Royal Majesty, Eze Cletus IIomuanya, on the way forward, as regards the Imo Charter of Equity which was redesigned by the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma and the need for Owerri, Okigwe and Orlu zones to work harmoniously to ensure a smooth and hitch free succession to Orlu zone that would complete its 24 years on the saddle at the end of Governor Uzodinma’s second tenure on January, 14, 2028.

Nwachukwu, in the letter dated April, 2, 2024, suggested that Owerri and Okigwe zones should appoint 15 members, each to constitute a 30-member committee of “wise men and women to extensively address the pros and cons of all issues related to which of the zones will take the first shot at the governorship slot, in the next dispensation and subsequently liase with Orlu zone to actualize the project without rancor and acrimony.

Nwachukwu, in his detailed analysis, stated as follows, “a few weeks ago I put down my thoughts on the well intentioned Imo Charter of Equity which was re-enacted and re-adopted in the run up to the November 2023 Governorship Election by The Imo State Council of Elders in concurrence with our hard working and delivering Governor, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma.

“I opined that since it is obvious that our compatriots from Orlu Zone has run the affairs of Imo State in full measure and would have headed the seat of governance in the state for twenty four (24) by the time His Excellency completes his second tenure on January 14, 2027, the contest for Governorship position in the State will rightly be between candidates from Owerri Zone and Okigwe Zone with both zones advancing very credible arguments and positions as to why they have to take the first shot.

“After exploring the issues surrounding the Charter of Equity and putting it in its proper historical perspective and context I came to the conclusion that the way forward would be for very credible stakeholders from Owerri Zone and Okigwe Zone in equal numbers regardless of the number of Local Government Areas each Zone has, to come together, rub minds, politik amongst themselves, even fight amongst themselves, present their respective arguments and positions and come up with a common position on which of the two Zones will take the first shot.

“I argued that it therefore behoves the key players in Owerri and Okigwe Zones to come together, lock themselves up in a room advance all the arguments they can, and come up with a unified position and formula for working together whilst carrying the leadership of Orlu Zone along.

“Between the two Zones, I proposed the convocation of Bi-Partisan 30 Wise Men & Women to x-ray the issues and come up with a position as follows:

“Each of the 6 LGA’s of Okigwe Zone will send in 2 delegates (12), Each of the 9 LGA’s of Owerri Zone will send in 1 delegate (9), The 2 Federal Constituencies in Mbaise / Ngor-Okpala will send in 1 additional delegate. Since the three LGA’s of Mbaise already, it is recommended that the additional delegate should come from Ngor-Okpala to give them an added sense of belonging and recognition (1), Owerri Federal Constituency will send in 1 additional delegate (1), Mbaike Federal Constituency will send in 1 additional delegate (1).

“Two members of the Clergy from Okigwe Zone (One Catholic /One Anglican) (2).

Two members of the Clergy from Owerri Zone (One Catholic / One Anglican) (2) Total 30

“Notice that regardless of the fact that Okigwe Zone has 6 LGA’s they will have equal representation with Owerri Zone in the Committee of Wise Men / Women. This is very deliberate and is intended to engender a feeling of inclusiveness and adequate level playing ground between the brother – zones.

“two Governorship candidates of the two major Political Parties in 1999-People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and All People’s Party (APP) were from Orlu Zone in the persons of Chief Achike Undenwa and Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu of blessed memory.

“Government Areas across the State. Whilst we were waiting for the State-Wide Collation of Results which would have culminated in the declaration of Chief Agbaso as Governor-Elect, INEC then led by our own Prof. Maurice Iwu from Okigwe Zone, brought down the hammer! And an election that produced twenty – seven (27) members of Imo State House of Assembly became INCONCLUSIVE! Meanwhile, the two elections – the Governorship and House of Assembly ran concurrent to one another, but while one was concluded, the other was inconclusive!

“If the election was not truncated by the Maurice Iwu – led INEC, Chief Agbaso would have in the true spirit of the Imo Charter of Equity served as Governor on behalf of Owerri Zone and by 2015 the Governorship battle would have been a re-enactment of the Udenwa / Izuogu contest because only Okigwe sons and / daughter would have emerged the candidates’ of the whatever Parties were holding sway at that time.

“With the annulment of the April 14, 2007 Governorship Election by INEC on grounds of being inconclusive, a re-run was set for April 28, 2007. Regardless of the fact that Chief Agbaso had gone to court challenging the annulment of the election, he participated in the scheduled re-run and lost to Chief Ikedi Ohakim of the little known PPA who in the re-run was adopted by PDP. What would have been an opportunity for an Owerri Zone son (who though was not supported by the Owerri Zone Political Elite who were majorly clustered in PDP save for the brief period he was adopted by their Party) to assume the Office of Governor and thereby run through the Owerri Zone “TURN” to produce the Governor of Imo State in the spirit of “The Imo Charter of Equity” was scuttled by one man – Prof. Maurice Iwu who’s desire to see an Okigwe Zone son become Governor led him to use his instrument of Office as INEC Chairman and with the concurrence of the then President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria to annul a perfectly conducted election that was won by Chief Martin Agbaso of APGA.

“But who could blame him? He is from Okigwe Zone! He was the INEC chairman! He took advantage of his office and secured the governorship seat for his kinsmen – nde Okigwe Zone. As the drama was playing out, nde Okigwe Elite rallied around “their own”.

“And where were the political elite of nde Owerri zone? From Aboh Mbaise to Ahiazu Mbaise to Ezinihitte Mbaise to Ngor-Okpala to Owerri North to Owerri West to Owerri Municipal to Ikeduru to Mbaitoli the whole of Owerri zone political elite, the high and mighty of Owerri zone politics all of who had access to President Olusegun Obasanjo. with the exception of Ndaa Captain Emmanuel Ihenacho, there was no politician matching his profile from Owerri zone that stood by Chief Agbaso!”