-Wants Suspect Arraigned For Criminal Act

Prof Francis Dike SAN, a former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Imo State, who, is the Counsel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has written to the Commissioner of Police in Imo State, Aboki Danjuma intimating him of the case of burglary and stealing at the union’s secretariat located along Port Harcourt Road, Owerri, where the culprit Ifeanyi Nwanguma, was caught red handed while loading the stolen items into a car and almost lynched by members of the union and passersby before Police intervaned.

Recall, that the union had on several occasions in the past, accused Ifeanyi Nwanguma of being behind the several cases of stealing at its secretariat located along Port Harcourt Road, Owerri, but could not take legal action because it did not have enough evidence, until the recent incident when he was caught while loading the stolen items into a vehicle he brought for the ill-fated operation and was almost lynched by members of the union and passerby who were enraged by his criminal act.

This, has again confirmed that Ifeanyi Nwaguma, is indeed behind all the cases of theft at the secretariat, which he is believed to have perpetuated with the tacit support and encouragement of his close ally, Comrade Chris Isiguzo.

Legal fireworks in respect of the case of theft is expected to commence soon, as the Imo NUJ lawyer, Prof Dike in the aforementioned letter he addressed to the Commissioner of Police, Imo State Police Command, captioned, “RE: NUJ PROPERTY SITUATE AT NEW OWERRI ALONG PORT HARCOURT ROAAD.

IN RE: BREAKING-IN AND STEALING OF PROPERTY THEREIN BELONGING TO NUJ AND OFFICIALS”, reads, “ The above property belongs to NUJ Imo State having been donated by Government of Imo State over 30 years ago for the exclusive use by the NUJ.

“Our clients (the complainants) herein have the Original of Certificate of Occupancy and have been in possession and occupation over the years through their elected officials who in accordance with the applicable Law must be Journalist.

“In Suit No: NICN/OW/01/2019 at the National Industrial Court Owerri, the competence of one Mr Akaraonye Christopher was challenged and there are evidence of fraud and forgery Certificates of the Imo State University against him.

“Inspite of above, the said Mr Akaraonye Christopher conspired with some persons to sell the said property to persons under an alias of Enedo General Service Ltd, which our clients strongly believe involved persons in the erstwhile Governor Okorocha administration. Till today, there is evidence to any payment into the NUJ account which has been in operation for many years under the custody of Petitioner herein.

“In Suit No: HOW/524/21, the Petitioners are in Court with said Akaraonye who claimed in the sale of NUJ House to the Chairman of NUJ Imo State when he is not a qualified Journalist and was not acceptable as a member after vetting for election.

“We wish to report that, the Plaintiff on the date above stated dated hired vehicle went to the NUJ premises broke the gate under lock and key, entered the premises and broke the doors under lock and key ie Entrance and Offices therein and proceeded to steal electronic equipments worth millions.

“People around raised alarm to some officials who immediately approached to lock the gate and invited the Police into the matter and hence this petition.

Sir, permit us to suggest the following points

i.             If they had the keys why did they break in

ii.            What necessitated him coming in a vehicle to carter electronic equipments belonging both NUJ and Officials which are not hi personal property?

Sir, it is our clients’ firm intention that the culprit be charged to Court and made accountable for his conduct”.