A group known as Orlu Solidarity Movement,OSM has told residents of Orlu and environ to be at alert and resist attempt by any person or group of persons to fraudulently appropriate their land under any guise.

The National Coordinator of the group, Comrade Fidelis Egesi, said that they have observed with dismay how some persons have started re-enacting what happened during the Rochas Okorocha administration, when some government officials told us that the government needed land for developmental projects but later appropriated the lands for themselves.

“Such persons have once again resorted to using the same antics to steal peoples’ property. We want to make it clear that what happened during the Rochas Okorocha era should not for any reason be allowed to repeat its self”.

“There is, no doubt, that Orlu people are development-oriented and are always willing to partner with government to achieve set objectives that are in the interest of the people, but will allow themselves to be swindled by self serving individuals.

The group stated this, while reacting to a publication that made reference to government’s intention to build a Government House at Eziachi, Orlu. They wondered if the project was captured in the 2024 budget and if the state government is aware of the proposed project. “If the government is aware, it would have taken the lead, in addition to taking some necessary steps, like mounting a sign post that will give necessary information about those actively involved, like the Client, Contractor, Structural Engineer, etc and their office addresses. But as it is now, there is nothing like that, and this is a very ominous signal. Hence, we are warning Orlu residents to be very careful.

Today, Orlu has been messed up as a result of the activities of former Governor Rochas Okorocha and his men, particularly, Ichie Best Mbanaso, who was the arrow head and hatchet man behind the appropriation of lands and other properties of Orlu people”.