–         Insists, It Is Free For All

A group known as Mezie Orlu zone, has called on Orlu leaders to warm up for the 2027 Imo State governorship election and refuse to allow themselves to be blackmailed or intimidated out of the race by those who claim that it will be their turn.

Speaking to newsmen in Owerri, the state capital over the weekend, the leader of the group, Chief Godwin Nnadiekwe, argued that never, in the history of the state has any zone abandoned the governorship race for other zones under any circumstance as it has always been a free for all contest.

“Those who claim that it will be their turn in 2027 are currently in various courts seeking to oust Governor Uzodinma, while at the same time laying claim to the 2027 governorship slot. If they sincerely believed in the charter of Equity, they should have advised their kinsmen who filed suits against Uzodinma to withdraw them and work towards winning the 2027 election, thereby allowing Uzodinma to complete his tenure”.

“That Orlu zone has occupied the governorship position for almost 24 years does not in any way reflect in the area’s developmental index as the area is still highly under developed and marginalized in terms of projects and facilities”.

This, according to him, is because most of their kinsmen who occupied leadership positions concentrated on developing other zones.

He further stated that, “ordinarily, Owerri zone should not complain about the not occupying the governorship position because, it is as if their entire state is working for them, considering the level of development and presence of monumental projects in the area”.