–         Advocates Peace, Harmony, Mutual Co-existence

Nigerians have been admonished to be more accommodating in dealing with others, and desist from the killing of their fellow human beings.

A Media Relations Consultant, Chief Dr. Fidel Onyeneke made the appeal in a statement issued in Owerri on Monday.

Chief Onyeneke said that no matter the magnitude of economic hardship and provocation, people should not engage in inhuman and ungodly acts.

He condemned the incessant abuse of human rights and disrespect for the sanctity of life as witnessed in the society today.

Chief Onyeneke regretted the humiliation and intimidation of persons in different parts of the country which had claimed the lives of some security operatives and ordinary citizens.

The former Special Adviser to the Governor on Imo Orientation Agency stated that the culture of violence and killing was alien to the country, and therefore needed to be curbed as a matter of priority.

Chief Onyeneke called for a change of attitude on the part of the political class and the electorate as a deliberate effort to further enhance peace and unity in Nigeria.

Chief Onyeneke also appealed to the governments at all levels to address the critical issues that had made the populace to become very aggressive and depressed.

He stressed the need for harmony between the citizens and the security agencies to avoid all forms of conflict.

The media expert advised security operatives to apply high level of human relations as they carry out their duties, while the public should appreciate that the security officers were engaged to protect their lives and property.

Chief Onyeneke urged Nigerian leaders and the media, to guard their Utterances, and shun provocative statements that could plunge the country into chaos.