As Nigerians join the rest of mankind mainly Christendom, all over the globe, to go on holiday in preparation for the most popularly celebrated feast of Christmas with joy and peace to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, we in the media, want to remind our compatriots that the festivity is one with greater spiritual concept than mundane wishes and aspirations. We also want to remind our people that as men of goodwill rejoice and join the heavenly celestial angels to sing “Glory be to God” for the good tidings that were bestowed on mankind over 2000 years ago, the “dark and rebellious angels and agents of satan” are usually prowling around, seeking for souls to devour, using those things we need most while on this planet.


Most persons make several material plans and preparations for the season and that is to the detriment of the most essential which is the peace, harmony, salvation and freedom of man from bondage occasioned by sin. People lay greater emphasis on what to eat, drink, wear and where to travel and places to visit, exhibiting their material wealth instead of reflection, appreciation and thanksgiving to God for the mercy and benevolence to mankind through the first coming of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ in human form.

The celebration should be a contemplate one and a reminder to prepare for the advent of the second coming of the risen Christ in Glory to render Gods kingdom here on earth devoid of all wants, pains, worries  and woes. Christmas is a period of reflection and the anticipation of the promise of new mansion for us in the New Jerusalem.

We therefore urge our people not to be distracted by the infamous beauty, demands and luxuries of the body in terms of food, drinks, debauchery, gluttony and various vices presented to lure us away from the reality of Xmas celebration. We appeal to people to avoid excesses in what they do this season to be able to witness the next year’s and hopeful of enjoying next world in harmony, with the wishes of our maker.

As we travel and rejoice with our kiths and kins even in this austere condition, let us bear in mind that God is with us – Emmanuel, and that in riches or poverty, in freedom or tyranny, we are happy and joyful in the presence of our God. Let us eschew the urge to indulge in those vices that offend God but gladdens the heart of the evil one Satan, who is also the father of lies who presents to us evil practices of licentiousness, robbery, harlotry, kidnapping, unnatural human practices that give pleasure to our bodies to the loss of our soul.

Christmas is a period we should reflect on and appreciate the freedom and salvation offered to us by the birth of Christ instead of engaging in those obnoxious acts that tend to enslave us and alienate us from to God.

Christmas is a season of demonstration of God’s love, show of mans appreciation and thanksgiving, season of joy, faith and holiness.  A time to practice humanity patience, endurance and tolerance. At a period when there is no market anywhere to purchase food and no means to travel to the home stead to meet your folks and even no shelter bearing in mind, “Christ was born as a traveler without shelter in a manger and no food to eat.

We should avoid the temptations of the evil ones, kidnapping, sale of products adulteration of commodities, reckless driving, drunkenness, inglorious activities – fireworks and those seeming pleasurable things that work against our spiritual wellbeing. Let us rejoice, be happy for unto us is born, “a Savour to our salvation whose kingdom has no end.

We want to join the celestial elements in wishing our numerous readers, admirers, friends, associates and good leaders, peace, joy and harmony of the yuletide as we come to the last day of 2017 in hopeful of a blessed bountiful 2018. We wish you all MERRY XMAS.