By Martin Opara

The member representing Nkwerre, Isu, Njaba, Nwangele, federal constituency of Imo State, in the federal house of representatives, Hon. Jones Onyereri, is presently embattled and sitting on a keg of gun powder, as there are frantic moves to recall him from the hallowed green chambers, for poor performance, ineptitude, unbridled and questionable enrichment at the expense of the people.

A political pressure group, the Njaba, Nkwerre, Isu, Nwangele solidarity movement, in a release, signed by the Director General, Hon. Uju Okoro, a one time Transition Committee (T.C) chairman of Isu LGA and Secretary, Chief Peter Oguike, said, the legislator has practically done nothing to show for his stay in the national assembly, “except the arrogant exhibition of his alleged ill gotten wealth.”

Continuing, they said, “how did he acquire the mansion behind Concorde Hotel, Owerri, that is worth over N800M, two houses in Johannesburg, South Africa, a house in America, a majestic mega filling station in Nkwerre, his home town that is still under construction, but is said to have already gulped almost one billion naira, a magnificent castle in his country home and a fleet of exotic cars, within six years in the federal legislature”.

It will be recalled that Hon. Jones Onyeriri has been in the news recently, for one negative controversy or the other. Not long ago, a group from his constituency, frowned at his penchant for always playing to the gallery, by aligning himself more with the rich and powerful, whom he uses his contacts to get blue chip jobs for their children and wards, and neglecting the poor who need help and assistance most.

Some of the youths who confided in our reporter, said, “Hon. Onyeriri is a big disappointment; he is there for his interest and those of his fellow rich folks, and not for us. He has given jobs to children of the rich and powerful. The most recent is one of the Anyaehie’s whom he assisted in getting a job in NEXIM bank.  None of these jobs was advertised, at least, to encourage competition. It is very unfair to be pouring buckets of water into an ocean, when there are dry lands.”
Efforts to reach Honourable Onyeriri for his comment proved abortive as he did not take his calls.