A legal luminary, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and former Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Imo state, Professor Francis Dike has taken another swipe on the administration of Governor Rochas Okorocha, which he observes as undemocratic. He regrets that a civilian governor would renege on his oath of office as well as opposed to the rule of law. While describing the present Imo State House of Assembly as “a captive group”, and the worst the world has ever witnessed whose list of membership ought to be memorized for recitation by children of the future generation, the erudite professor in a Christmas message to Imo people issued in Owerri, regrets the docility of our youths as well as adults who keep long silence over recent undemocratic and anti social/economic stance of government as they affect the lives of the common good of all.


In his words, the Professor observed that, “everyday the people of Imo State are facing more bizarre announcement by government as the people are bereft of any protection from our house of assembly, stating that the recent announcement that no shops will exist in the city centre is another nightmare.
He wondered if the House of Assembly men with all their travels do not see “corner shops” in every city of the world. He contended that corner chops have advantageous role to play in the economy of a state except that the governor wishes to deprive our children the benefit of taking a kobo or two to corner shop to buy biscuits and wants them to go out of town to look for lock up shops for such purpose.

On the creation and attempt to educate the people of Imo state on the Ministry of Happiness and purpose fulfillment, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria quarried “if what the governor is doing is not creation of sadism” instead.

He recalled that when he raised lone voice of alarm and protested against the demolition of houses, offices and business premises that the governor had transcended his powers as enshrined in the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria “on land use act”, no one raised an eye brow except the UPP that claimed that those acts will be reversed by 2019 if their candidate is elected as governor.

He challenged the politicians who keep mute to wake up and nod their heads in affirmation of their horrendous illegal acts using the people as political bail for the gubernatorial ambition.     

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) called on the political gurus, the assembly men and all men of good conscience, to speak out now that our people are dying under the agony of tyrannical regime aided  and abetted by, “a very, very, very docile house of assembly”.

He argued that the courts have tried to play their role with orders that are not abayed but this not entail that the people should abandon the use of the judiciary which is the hope of the common man.

He admonished the people to continue to approach in search of justice for the day of reckoning is fast approaching, stating that “time and tide runs through the roughest day as night is long that never finds the day for the sins their dosens they will account for them one day”.