As predicted the attempt by governor Hope Uzodinma to replicate what Okorocha did in 2019 election by imposing his crony on the party as candidate, has futher divided the party.

What was thought should be healing balm to commence uniting the party with the direct primary election to select APC candidate for Imo North senatorial bye-election on Thursday September 3,2020, instead has escalated the bitterness,acrimony and hatred among the party leaders.

Reports fielded at government house owerri revealed that at a meeting of all the aspirants convened at the instance of Hope Uzodinma last night saw almost all the aspirants walking out on the governor and calling his bluff.

First to walk out of Governor Uzodinma was Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Ararauma. He was piqued at Uzodinma’s statement that he has presidency’s directive to install one obscure character, Frank Ibezim on Imo north senatorial district as senator, others, including; Mark Uchendu, Adanne Uwajumogu, Athan Achonu, Eze OKoro, Mattew Omegara etc, who thought that having bought nominations forms at #7million each, the governor will provide a level playing ground for the best to emerge during the direct primary election, left disappointed. 

The source said that they joined Ararume to stage a walk out on the governor.

On the election day proper to elect APC candidate , while those loyal to Governor Hope Uzodinma, Emeka Nwajiuba and Frank Ibezim gathered at a corner to take count of their number under the factional leadership of Marcel Nlemigbo, the multitude of those loyal to Ararume, Rochas Okorocha, who are supporting Dan Nwafor as chairman of Imo APC, held a parallel primary electiom. 

It was not clear if the national leadership which appear uninterested in what is happening in Imo state, sent a delegation to monitor the exercise. It was however obvious that distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araume carried the day from the crowd that were chanting solidarity songs for him at all the voting centers recorded fully in videos and camera to shame his detractors.

Ararume is emboldened that wih the entire Dan Nwafor executives throwing their weight behind him, now that it is certain the APC national chairman shot himself in the foot by recommended Marcel Nlemigbo faction to INEC whereas they have no legal backing.

According to Dan Nwafor, the said ruling of july 16,2020, upon which malam Buni relied on has been appealed aganst his leasdership in suit CA/ABJ/CV/595/2020, the stay of execution has also been secured at an FCT high court with suit no FCT/HC/BW/M/357/2020, while the notice of appeal along with the notice of hearing have since been obtained as issued by the court of appeal agansit the judgement of 16th july,2018. 

Nwafor also reminded the APC national chairman that the purported appeal, applied for by the national caretaker committee, involved a mere application for extention of time to access the record of proceedings of the judgement of August 14, 2018 which in every indication shows lack of interst to prosecute the matter realizing that entering into appeal after sixteen 16 months of a judgement amounts to an effort in total futility.