v   Gives reasons he declined celebrating  60th anniversary

-Condemns diversion of LGA funds

The lawmaker representing Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA in the Imo State House of Assembly, Barr. Hon. Anyadike Nwosu has once more taken elected governors in Nigeria to the cleaners for constituting the greatest obstacle to the systematic sustenance of democracy.

In an exclusive interview with NIGERIA WATCHDOG in Owerrj, yesterday,Anyadike rejected the prevalent idea that rather than deepen our nascent democracy, the Governors who swore to protect and defend the constitution, end up discrediting the constitution they swore to defend.

Chief Anyadike Nwosu, a seasoned lawyer was particularly irked with the over bearing influence and larger than life attitude and dispositions of these civilian governors who usurp the roles of elected council chairmen, those of the legislature thus destabilizing the place of the third tier of government or the LGAs, for which the state Houses of Assembly were constitutionally directed to make good laws for their administration.

He regretted that the role of Governors are tantamount to the undevelopment of the council areas since they refuse to fund the LGAs, and even go to all extent to stifle them of statutory federal allocations.

Anyadike admonished his colleagues most of who he now refers to as “horrible colleagues” on the need to rise to the occasion, and uphold the provisions of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria, as amended, particularly in the areas of separation of powers, independence of the judiciary and council autonomy. Anyadike wondered  why civilian governors have refused to observe the autonomy of LGAs as enshrined in the constitution.

On why he refused to participate in the celebration of the 60th Independence Day Anniversary of Nigeria, on October 1st, as a serving lawmaker, community leader and stakeholder in Nigeria, Imo State and Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA, he explained that this was because of the provocative  flagrant abuses of the constitution of Nigeria by the Governors, as they affect the proposed council autonomy, separation of powers that will prevent the legislature from functioning as an appendage of the executive and desired Independence of the judiciary. 

Sad that his colleagues have unimaginably degenerated into playing second fiddle by reducing themselves to rubber stamp of the executive arm, Anyadike could not help but address them as horrible colleagues. He went ahead to remind them of the interview granted channels television by the Minister of Works, Prof. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) where the minister observed that the disenchantment of Nigerians and their misplaced anger against the federal government are predicated by ignorance. Fashola had accused Nigerians of looking for the results and dividends of democracy in the wrong place, when these results and benefits they desire and deserve, can only be accessed from the states and council areas which are closest to the grassroots. It was the ministers contention that these two arms have the capacity and constitutional roles to provide their people basic amenities rather than every citizen looking upto the federal government for the provision of common water, motorable roads, markets and even primary schools.

“To say the least, this interview has generated an interesting discourse on why our local governments should be given the needed autonomy, to enable them perform their constitutionally assigned roles as the third tier of government. It has equally generated a heated debate on why the three arms of government in our state, should perform their assigned roles in a democracy, without undue interference or meddlesomeness from either party”, he averred.

Continuing, Chief Anyadike while chiding his colleagues for  abandoning their constitutional oversight roles which tendency has resulted to the governors hijacking the council areas and enslaving or forcing the other arms of government into servitude.  

 Anyadike stated,“it is also a matter for great regret that the 27 Local governments in Imo State have been reduced to ghosts of their former selves by the state government, as they are handicapped to provide such basic infrastructures that could have improved the lot of Imolites, owing to undue interference by the State government.” 

The Local governments in the state no longer provide quality primary healthcare, primary education, water supply, sanitary inspection, refuse management and even security to the people as they have no such funds to play such roles as enshrined in our constitution. “Gone are the days during which the local governments have effective immigration Departments, Civil Defence Units and Divisional police Commands because the Imo State government has bastardized the local government system. Even monthly allocations do come on monthly basis, yet our local governments are starved of funds by the State government. This tier of Government should be given the needed financial freedom to operate, so as to improve the lots of Imolites. They have been imprisoned for long, hence they should be given a breathing space to operate.

The act of appointing administrators to run the affairs of the local governments is as unconstitutional as it is unacceptable. One of the reasons for the creation of local governments across the country is to bring democracy to the grassroots, hence such appointments negates this noble objective.

The state legislature is the conscience of the people, but the continued interference on its affairs by the state government has continued to nullify the sanctity and the integrity of the House. It obliterated the trust reposed on us by Imolites to the effect that they now see us a bunch of visionless lawmakers and paper Tigers.

If the State Judiciary, which is the last hope of the common man desists from bowing to the whims and fancies of the State government, the generality of Imolites will remain eternally grateful to this organ of Government for the protection of our hard-won democracy and safeguarding their lives of and properties.

Finally, the state government should exhibit a high sense of transparency while handling public funds; the constitution and institution of panels of enquiry to probe the (financial) malfeasance of past Government does not achieve the desired purposes, for it is always counter-productive.

When the above-mentioned issues are properly addressed, everybody will celebrate the Independence day anniversary with fanfare and buntings, and the State will be better for it.

Though am not trying to antagonize any state government or its predecessors (PDP, APC or APGA), but am appealing to our consciences to redress our steps and bring succour to Imolites in this trying time.

I know those who will misconstrue my actions here, and will even present this to the Executive, but truth is bitter”, he concluded.