-Insists: No more recycling of leaders, Godfatherism, poor representation

Dr Nath Chukwudi Uba, the African Action Congress (AAC) candidate for Imo North senatorial bye-election scheduled for October 31, 2020, who has been long awaited and much sought after by his supporters is now within the shores of Imo State from the comfort base of the United States of America (USA) with a bang.

The prospective senatorial Hopeful, who hails from Ezeoke Nsu in Ehime Mbano LGA had on arrival spoken mainly  on his reasons for abandoning his medical services and chains of businesses in the USA and UK, to return to Nigeria to contest the Imo North Senatorial bye-election. He said he has a burning desire to make a difference, change the narrative and offer the people of Okigwe zone an effective voice and purposeful leadership, all of which he said are presently lacking. “Instead the leaders are at each others throat or jugular for government patronages.”

Speaking exclusively to Nigeria Watchdog, Dr. Nath Chukwudi Uba regretted that his people have been relegated to the background in the scheme of things for too long because no one has offered them the type of effective representation, they deserve and desire. He also wondered why those who have been around for too long especially at the corridors of power, are fighting tooth and nail to be recycled variously when they hardly understand the rudiments of democracy, law making and decent living for the electorate.

He stated that his first assignment once elected is to change the way the people see politicians as self serving, insensitive and to dedicate his services and efforts to improve their welfare and standard of living which have so far been trampled upon.

 On his blueprint for the development of the zone which cannot boast of a single Turnkey Industry, in this 21st century Dr. Uba, assured that with his contacts abroad and years of exposure to presidential democracy in a decent clime like USA he is set to attract multinational companies and those medical donor agencies who presently partner with his medical outreach to develop Okigwe zone with the speed of light. He contended that by the time he finishes the remaining three years as Senator, the difference will be clear.

He explained the reasons for the inability of private individuals to attract such facilities without seeking elective offices as unstable government, insincerity on the part of the leaders and bureaucratic bottle necks and red tapism which in most cases end in the facilitators swindling prospective foreign direct investors.

On his chances of winning the bye-election which is barely three weeks from now,  the American based medical practitioner and industrialist said it is very bright.

He reminded our reporter that he is not new in politics at home or aboard, adding that in 2019 he sought for nomination as governorship candidate of Imo APC but because he was not comfortable with the party structure, he pulled out after investing heavily. This he said explains his reason and decision to join African Acton Congress (AAC). Dr. Nathaniel Chukwudi Uba, told our reporter not to worry about his chances because before his arrival in Nigeria which was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic protocols, a lot of people, groups, Civil Society-Organizations (CSOs), Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs have keyed into his campaign structure and are desirous of seeing him win the election with a landslide. 

 He does not see the other gladiators in the race as any match. Instead he believes that if the people of Okigwe Zone know what they will miss if he is not elected on the 31st of October, 2020, they will advise all those struggling to outwit each other and their money bag godfathers to withdraw for him, because as an agent of change he is bringing good tidings, prosperity and credibility to the leadership.