Advises APC leaders to embrace peace

The lawmaker representing Isu State Assembly in Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Ngozi Obiefule while interacting with our reporter in Owerri, yesterday urged Imo APC leaders to make peace and stop using the Imo State House of Assembly as cannon fodder or political tool to discredit other prominent leaders of the party.

According to the two term lawmaker representing Isu LGA, in IMHA, and former mayor of Akacity, the outcome of the Okigwe senate bye-election should serve as lesson or pointer to what will happen in 2023 if the APC fails to make peace among leaders and members. She said:”It is unbelievable that a ruling party with majority of elected officers in the state could narrowly win an election with just 4000 votes against opposition PDP.I am worried that if nothing is done now to unite our party, winning future elections in Imo will be a difficult task for APC.”

She therefore called on the leaders to sheath their swords and make peace with one another, especially during this Christmas season. The vocal lawmaker hinted that at present, the members of Imo State House of Assembly are in dilemma owing to the actions and inactions of APC political leaders as they cannot freely associate with leaders of the party without suspicion.”If you visit Araraume or Rochas Okorocha today, Governor Uzodinma will consider you as working against him. If you similarly do same with Uzodinma, Rochas Okorocha and Araraume will also become suspicious of you. This is the dilemma we have found ourselves”, she stated.

Obiefule opined that under normal circumstance and considering the crop of leaders APC has in Imo, they will win all the elections with ease. Speaking further, she acknowledged that the trio of Hope Uzodinma, Rochas Okorocha and Senator Ifeanyi Araraume are wonderful people who in one way or the other impacted positively on her political growth and can’t afford to deride any of them for political reason. She revealed that out of the governors that ever governed Imo, Senator Hope Uzodinma is one who will call you to make input in the budget capturing your local government area while Rochas Okorocha facilitated her first outing  as lawmaker and gave her opportunity to serve her people.

Obiefule also described Senator Araraume as brother and political leader who is ever willing to assist at any time you call on him over political or non-political issues.

On the recent release issued by the house of Assembly, the Isu lawmaker declined to comment but simply said that she has her reservation which she will only make known to the Assembly leadership. She however, advised the speaker to use his position to make peace for the APC leaders, noting that by doing so, he would have written his name in gold as one who championed the peace moves.