-Accuses Uzodinma of usurping role of judiciary

-Expresses disappointment in Onuegbu

Following the sealing of Royal Palm Hotel said to be owned by the wife of former governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha in line with the recommendations of a Judicial Panel of Inquiry set up by the state government and a White Paper that emanated there from and steps taken by Okorocha who stormed the hotel to unseal the hotel, an Owerri based legal luminary and Principal Partner of Ebubedike Chambers, Barr CAN Osondu has justified Okorocha’s action.

Barr Osondu in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper, noted that the recommendations of a judicial panel of enquiry and a white paper produced from it cannot for any reason, take the place of a valid court order, because a judicial panel of enquiry is a quasi judicial that is only constituted to make findings and not to make order that is enforceable in law.

He described the sealing of one’s property on the basis of white paper as unlawful, unconstitutional and can’t stand, adding that when a case is in court, all parities including the governor and the governed are expected to respect the court and avoid taking laws into their hands. 

The human rights lawyer referred to the case of, Ojukwu Vs Lagos state government; where the supreme court stated that nobody,irrespective of status is permitted to take laws into his/her hands. Hence anybody who does so, is claiming to be above the judiciary. It is an aberration that is grossly unacceptable.

Asked if in view of all he said, Okorocha was right to unseal the hotel, Barr. Osondu answered in the affirmative, stressing that he has read several comments in the media, including those made by human rights activists and wondered why most of them chose to play to the gallery because of pecuniary benefits.

He expressed disappointment at the action or inaction of Barr Enyinnaya Onuegbu, who he described as a seasoned and highly respected lawyer, whose appearance as a young lawyer  at Urualla High Court some time in the past was one of the factors that motivated him to study law, saying that Onuegbu should know the implication of what they did and should not have been  part of the sealing of a person’s property without a valid court order.

“Besides, if there is a valid court order to be executed, it is the duty of a Court Bailiff and not that of the commissioner for lands.” He described the action of the commissioner for lands as an act of impunity that should be condemned by all enlightened people. “Those condemning what Senator Okorocha did are doing so either because the want to curry favour or have hatred for the senator who has done well for himself and humanity ”.

He also described the attack on the Publisher of Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper, Comrade Precious Nwadike by the Governor’s brother as barbaric, reprehensible and uncalled for, stressing that even if there was a breach, the ideal thing would have been to arrest, arraign and prosecute him and not to beat him to a state of coma. “Uche Uzodinma, should as a matter of urgency and to calm frayed nerves, apologize to Nwadike.”