By Martin Nwoko 

The 9th Imo State House of Assembly Owerri under the leadership of Mr Paul Emeziem has barred the Correspondent of Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper, Martin Nwoko from covering its activities in the house as a punishment for describing the leadership as Rubber stamp and publishing other reports which the speaker views as unfavourable to his leadership.

At the beginning of this year, the house introduced another round of revalidation exercise for all correspondents with the sole aim of removing some media houses the speaker and the leadership of house do not feel comfortable with covering proceedings and activities, in the house. 

Following the new directive of the Imo State House of Assembly, Nigeria Watchdog correspondent submitted all the necessary documents required alongside other media houses for the so called revalidation but surprisingly those that Nigeria Watchdog media house submitted before have received their new identity cards thereby preventing Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper and few other media houses  perceived to be exposing the unparliamentary conducts of the speaker and some of his colleaques  from gaining entrance to the house plenary. When those in charge of issuing identity card were asked why the identity cards have not been issued up till now, they will respond that is not ready. 

The news headline captioned “Imo Lawmakers Enmeshed in IMSU admission scandal” claims is part of oversight function among other news headlines which Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper published have continued to make the house very uncomfortable with the medium as the Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper is determined to perform its function as the watchdog of the society by giving factual reportage at all times. 

The Correspondent who has been repeatedly stopped from gaining entrance to cover house proceedings during plenary has been covering the Imo State House of Assembly over the years even before Emeziem emerged as the Speaker of the house. 

One now wonders why a notable media house in the state like Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper and few others would be barred from reporting activities of the house of Assembly at this time .