The Former Commissioner for Education in the state, Prof B.TO Ikegwuoha who was among those relieved of their appointment  a week ago has debunked a trending online report that he was disgruntled and complained about the dissolution of the commissioners which he described as false as he had not spoken to anyone or media since their sack, stressing that it is handwork of mischief makers and those who have eyes on his former position.

In release he issued in Owerri on Tuesday May 20, and made available to the media, Prof Ikegwuoha expressed profound gratitude to the state governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma who gave him the opportunity to serve Imo people in the capacity of Education Commissioner and has no reason to complain as it is not in his character.

The statement signed by the former commissioner and erudite Professor reads in part, “My attention has been drawn to an online post where my character was maligned and reputation smeared. For the avoidance of any and all doubts, I am not disgruntled and did not complain about the dissolution of the Imo State Executive Council by His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 

 If I may ask: why will I be angry or disgruntled for a rare privilege and opportunity provided to me by my appointment as the Hon. Commissioner for Education in Imo State, which was made possible through the magnanimity of His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma, the Governor of Imo State? 

This is cheap publicity by those who are needy of the position I once occupied as the Hon. Commissioner for Education. 

Let is stated and known that:

*at no time did I speak with anybody or journalist since Wednesday, May 12, 2021*. In fact, *I turned off my phones from Wednesday, 12, 2021 to Monday, May 17, 2021* just to avoid speaking to anyone let alone, journalists who are not truthful but deceitful,  especially at this critical time where political job seekers are looking for  political appointments after the dissolution of Imo State EXCO.

In fact, I was shocked to read the fabricated lies in the online post that was sent to me by a friend in Abuja; otherwise, I would not have seen the post. This is the handwork of my political enemies whose desire it is to bring the reputation that I have cultivated and built over many years, to ridicule. I urge everyone to please disregard the publication. I am known for being sincere and honest to a fault. I can’t speak ill of my enemies let alone, the Governor of Imo State who has shown me love and through his magnanimity and the instrumentality of his exalted office as the Executive Governor of Imo State, found me worthy and  appointed me as his pioneer Hon. Commissioner for Education. Let the truth be said, I have not and will not ever *bite the “finger” that fed me.* 

Let me reiterate once more and for the last time that *from Wednesday, May 12, 2021 till Monday, May 17, 2021,* I deliberately *turned off my phones and spoke to, and with nobody, just to avoid being misquoted.* Those who know me at the Imo State University, Owerri and even my former Commissioner colleagues at the now dissolved EXCO, know that *I am not the talking type* and cannot engage in such a loose, pedestrian, derogatory and unguarded remarks. The content and context of the online posts are and will ever remain the figments of the writers’ and their co-travelers’ imaginations. *It is a lie!* 

 I will not allow anyone to define me. “I know myself; indeed, I am a truthful person. Additionally, I am a very highly disciplined, sincere, transparent, forthright and TRUSTWORTHY person. Furthermore, I am a very credible, hardworking, industrious, effective and efficient person and I always discharge whatever functions, duties and responsibilities that I have been asked to discharge favourably”. In all, I am a unifier of people especially in a multi-ethnic and multicultural society like Nigeria. Thus, blackmailing me and assassinating my character will not work. As an old man that I am; I cannot learn new tricks of betraying anyone let alone my boss, the Governor of Imo, in my old age. I truly cannot resort to irresponsible, reprehensible, repugnant, unimaginable, unjustifiable and even unpardonable acts of betrayal. I do not have any sense of entitlement and/or ownership of Imo State commonwealth and patrimony. Imo State owes me nothing. Consequently, any act of disloyalty will be foolish of me. All my friends and virtually everyone who has come in contact with me knows and can vouch for me that such characterization in this online publication does not represent and/or reflect my character and behaviour.

I know that in the Imo State political landscape, what is obtainable in politics of hatred and bitterness. 

Finally, I am and will always be grateful to His Excellency: Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma for the opportunity he gave me to serve in his administration as the Hon. Commissioner for Education; I will eternally remain grateful to him.”