Aka Ji Ikukuoma Foundation Orchestral Group ‘Dulciana Ensemble’ Comes Alive

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The widely advertised audition for the ‘Dulciana Ensemble’ orchestra group of the Aka Ji Ikukuoma Foundation, has been successfully held as scheduled, at CYON Hall, St. Brigid’s Catholic Church, Nnarambia in Ahiazu Mbaise.

The event, which was beamed live on Facebook, paraded an array of budding stars with glorious and sonorous voices that indeed resonated within and beyond the hall housing the event.

Anchored by Rev. Father Emmanuel Ehioma (Fr. Mentor)  the audition panel consisted of renowned music intellectuals whose competence and prowess in the art of making music is indisputable, namely, Dr. Okey Akamike, Mr.  Nkemdirim Samuel Onyeka(M.A. Music Education)Mr. Emeka Ikeh (M.A. music conducting and stage management) and Rev. Fr. Chinonnye Egbule. The candidates were made to go through several rounds of drillings, which included, facial expressions, stage mannerisms, microphone handling, voice strength and breath control abilities, after which they performed out of their own personal and collective creativity.

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It was very obvious that almost all the young men and women in attendance have been craving for such opportunity to showcase their vocal talents, as they happily exhibited their skills with some reasonable level of expertise and professionalism.

The event came to a climax with the candidates made to collectively make some choral renditions which they performed with so much precision that got the audience, organizers and the umpires wondering if they have been singing as a group long before the event.

The management of Aka Ji Ikukuoma Foundation, led by its Director General, Comrade Julius Nnaji, were on ground as they conducted oversight functions and treated the audience to some light refreshments.

The leader of the jury, Dr. Okey Akamike addressing the candidates after their individual and collective performances, expressed his satisfaction in several of their individual performances while urging a few others to put in more effort if they really want to make a living out music.

The Director General of Aka Ji Ikukuoma Foundation, thanked the candidates for making it to the audition, he also applauded them for jobs well done, promising them that only the best will be absorbed as bias or nepotism will not be entertained.He reeled out mouth-watering benefits for the successful candidates who will make the list of the choral setup.

The program anchor, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ehioma further outlined the processes involved in being a member of the orchestra group, which included signing a 3 years contract, salaries and performance stipends. He also made it clear that lackadaisical respond to rehearsals and group events can cause a deduction from the defaulter’s pay.

The selected candidates will be issued with professional ID cards and official attires will be provided for them, at no expense. This will come after the official signing if contracts at Aka Ji Ikukuoma Foundation’s office in Owerri.

The “Dulciana Ensemblage” is an initiative of the founder of Aka Ji Ikukuoma Foundation, High Chief Summers V.C Nwokie, whose passion for good music is unrivalled. Hence his resolve to empower talents with vocal prowess through this assemblage.


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