“When you leave your house and come to the university, you have decided to leave your rough edges and become a universal citizen. All the uncouth manners are not permissible as far as you have taken the toga of a student of Imo state university. please, note that our students are addressed as  stars and STARS are supposed to show light and not the opposite”.

The Dean of Students Affairs, Imo state university Prof Okee Okoro stated this in his speech at the 3-day Orientation Seminar organized for newly admitted students of the university with effect from Wednesday July 28, Friday July 30, 2021.

The erudite Professor of Library  and Information Science further posited that, “orientation means a person’s feelings, interests and beliefs; a man’s interest, quality, situation, etc. This is therefore the university’s arrangement to truthfully engage new students to enable them get acquainted to the new terram, they found themselves, hence it is a very important event.  If they are not properly guided, they may go astray”.

He enjoined the students to take their studies serious and avoid all kinds of social vices, sharp practices, truancy etc. “As students, you must attend lectures regularly except when it is impossible for cogent reasons. You should do and submit your take home assignments, write tests, take part in the conduct of practicals etc, avoid cheating and examination malpractices in your own interest”.

He also charged them to develop a culture of study and research which entails buying necessary books, paying prescribed fees which qualify them to be active members of the academic community and also give them access to the facilities therein.

According to Prof Okoro ”students are not permitted to fight though, there is no doubt that people may quarrel. Fighting is considered lawless and not permissible. Students should find polite and civilized ways of handling grievances. Students Union, Associations, Departments, Faculties, and many other channels exist for students to lay their complaints. Cultism, prostitution, indecent dressing, lesbianism/homosexuality, and other anti-social acts are totally prohibited in the University. Any indulgency would be met with very severe punishments by the University Administration”.