Following the outrage, public outcry and condemnation elicited by the Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper recent publication where it reported how security details attached to the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Mr Paul Emeziem physically assaulted a driver, punctured his tyre and destroyed the rim of his vehicle with bullets they fired at close range and also attempted to arrest him on trumped up charges, the Speaker is said to have done the needful by apologizing to the victim and also fulfilled his promise of paying the bill for the repair of the vehicle.

It was gathered that obviously embarrassed by reports about about the incident , the Speaker and his wife who was also greatly disturbed about the turn of events, called the victim repeatedly to come but he did not.

However when he finally went to see them yesterday, accompanied by his father, the Speaker and his wife profusely apologized to him and his father. He was also said to have compensated the driver with an undisclosed amount of money for the damages he incurred.

Recall, that security details attached to the Speaker, Hon Paul Emeziem attacked the driver, Wisdom Onyemauwa on Saturday July 31, at Nkwo Orji market square as they were returning to Owerri from the Okigwe axis in a convoy, while claiming right of way.

A source who witnessed the reprehensible incident told our reporter that, “the Speaker’s security aides may have been angry that the commercial vehicle driver who was making effort to clear from the road and park properly did not nervously hit vehicles ahead of him or vamoose into the gutter the moment he heard the sound of their blaring siren as if it was God that was coming, they jumped down from their vehicle and started beating him simultaneously while one of them shot at his tyre.

Most people who commented on the latest development commended the Speaker for belatedly, being sensitive to the young man’s plight and the wife for her motherly role in resolving the issue. Hence the matter is now finally closed.