Chief Sir Tony Chukwu, a business mogul has dispelled the rumour making the rounds that he has been far from Imo Government activities since the second term of Governor Hope Uzodimma.

  Chukwu, popularly known as Onweghi Ihe Kariri Chineke disclosed this during the burial of Eze Ohanweh’s elder brother late Prince Cyril Ohanweh, on Friday, March 22nd, 2024, at Isiama Autonomous Community, Isiala Mbano Local Government Area, Imo State.

  Below are a brief excerpts from the interview.

Ques…. Sir,we are excited to see you around .We’ve not been seeing you around Imo Government activities  since commencement of this the Governor’s second term. Could it mean you travelled?

 Ans…You know during the inauguration/swearing in of the governor,His Excellency, I participated fully. After the programme,I feel everyone including the governor need some time to rest or travel after the governorship election process. So as a businessman  based outside lmo state,  I had to go back to my business. You know I have so many things I’m doing to reinvigorate my businesses which i left for close to three years in order to concentrate ensuring the re election of the governor .I have to now face my business squarely because am only a part time politician with a purpose.

Q… Yes,we know you are a businessman Sir, but you may not separate yourself completely from politics going by the calibre of personality you are in Imo State, Nigeria and in the World . You don’t need to be far from the State?

Ans… You know I am not a politician. The truth be told as you know the governor did very well in his first term ,I’m very sure my in this second term he will do exceptionally well and will not disappoint the people of Imo State. He is going to make Imo very proud this second. I know him.

From time to time, you will be seeing me around especially when there’s major leadership meetings or any other things that will further uplift our state. My brothers, just mark my words today,His Excellency will perform marvellously.

Qus… You said that you are not a politician and you are here today?

Ans… You know HRH Eze Oliver Ohanweh is a revered traditional ruler and a friend of the Government. He is also the Chairman of Okigwe Global Elders Forum. Naturally,I have to be here to sympathize with him over the demise of his Elder brother.

Ques… In other words, what you are telling us is that you didn’t abandon Imo State?

Ans… No, how can I abandon  my own state. My message to ìmo people, particularly politicians to allow the governor to concentrate on the job for which we have elected him. Distractions will not help him or move ìmo forward.