-More facts have emerged about why the former Speaker of the Imo State House Of Assembly Paul Emeziem was unceremoniously removed from office and Hon Kennedy Ibeh, representing Obowo state constituency sworn in as  replacement.

A source who doesn’t want his name in print told this reporter that “the former Speaker  had some unresolved issues with his deputy, Rt.Hon Amara Iwanyanwu which prompted him to hatch a plot aimed at impeaching his deputy because of the minor misunderstanding.”

“Having succeeded in re-instating the six suspended legislators Emeziem now felt  that he had majority of the lawmakers on his side and went ahead with the reprehensible act of impeaching the deputy speaker who most of his colleagues consider more charismatic than him”.

Continuing, the source said, but the straw  that finally broke  the  camel’s back was when the Speaker insisted on producing who would succeed Iwanyanwu as deputy Speaker,contrary to the collective wish and choice of other lawmakers who were not pleasantly disposed to his choice. At the point, there was a stalemate as other legislators who became aggrieved saw the Speaker’s insistence as not only an affront but a sign of insincerity, They frowned at the Speaker’s idea of wanting to install  his puppet as Deputy Speaker.

This, according to him made those who were initially on his side  to alienate themselves  from him and shift camp. Hence majority of the lawmakers restrategised and resolved to allow  the Iwuanyanwu who they are used to and more comfortable with to continue as Deputy Speaker, rather than have Hon Paul Emeziem’s stooge and puppet preside over the affairs of the house in his absence.

It was also gathered that the embattled former Speaker is highly indebted to a lot of people he had transactions with, despite occupying such a juicy position.

A source who pleaded anonymity told this reporter that, “the former Speaker who has a penchant for not keeping his word is owing a lot of people for services they rendered to him on agreed terms. He even denied owing some of them whose calls he repeatedly ignored. When they eventually met him, he outrightly denied having any transaction with them.”

He also posited that, “because of some alleged questionable deals the former Speaker struck in his office and for the fear of being exposed, he went to the governor and pleaded that the sleeping dog be allowed to lie.”