PRO,Head Of Debt Management Deployed

Sequel to the public outcry elicited by the lamentations of victims of sexual harassment at the Imo Internal Revenue  

  Service, formerly called the Board of Internal Revenue, the commissioner for Finance, Dr Mrs Doris Anite seems to have finally bowed to pressure by setting up a committee to investigate the allegations     against the culprits, most of who are said to be her aides and loyalists.

However, a source in the ministry who does not want her name in print said, they don’t have confidence in the committee and urged the commissioner to disband it and allow unbiased security operatives or a team from the Civil Service Commission to investigate the allegations stressing that, anything short of that amounts to window dressing or playing to the gallery and will end up as effort in futility.

Some staff of the IIRS who also spoke on condition of anonymity posited that, “the committee set up by the commissioner is a face saving device aimed at dousing  tension, divert attention  and later give those involved a clean bill, because she will under no circumstance allow    the committee she set up to indict her trusted aides who she personally deployed to the IIRS amidst overwhelming protests and condemnation from different quarters. Allowing that to happen will also have a spill-over effect on her, hence the entire process, from all indications is a smoke screen.”

Continuing, they said, “if that is not the case, why did the commissioner in her speech while inaugurating the committee, describe the sex scandal as frivolous and the handiwork of failed and disgruntled members of the opposition, thereby pre-empting the outcome of the investigation.”

Recall, that the Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper in its March 10, 2022 edition published a report captioned, “Sex scandal rocks Imo Internal Revenue Service, as target married women cry out for help“.

Nigeria Watchdog, in the said report narrated how a top official of the agency popularly called “Mr Figures” who was reportedly caught pants down with a female staff of the establishment in his office, goes about harassing and intimidating young married ladies into having illicit sex with him, while those who have the guts to shun his advances are dealt with on trumped up allegations.

The report further stated that, “Figures is the arrow head of this reprehensible act of sleeping with young married women against their wish.”

“Any of the targeted married women who for any reason refuses to play along is slammed with disciplinary actions based on trumped up charges and allegations just to break her resolve.”

It was also gathered that the cat was let out of the bag when the Board member popularly called “Figures” was allegedly caught in the act with a married woman right inside his office.

“As a result, the woman’s husband who stays in Ghana, has been threatening fire and brimstone, hence the marriage is presently heading for the rocks.”

Information available to our news desk indicate that the said “Mr Figures” who was a member  of the former Board was retained because of his purported loyalty to the commissioner of finance who he reportedly works hands in gloves with. He was also accused of acting and parading himself as the defecto chairman of the IIRS intimidating and threatening young ladies with sack letters, suspension etc, if they refuse to play along with him.

“He reportedly brags that the commissioner has penciled him down as the next Executive Chairman of the Board once the Interim Management Executive from the Ministry of Finance completes its tenure in the two months.”

Meanwhile, it was gathered that the damning revelation has led to deployment of some management  staff of IIRS who are now replaced with some of the commissioners aides.

Among those deployed include;Mr Obinna Mathew, head of debt management,(now  moved to Ministry of finance)Mrs Ugonma Onyeogu, PRO and others whose identities and positions were not known at the time of filing this report.